Falster Farm-Mini Cattle Ranch

"Sustainable Ranchers of Pure Bred Cattle in Miniature"

Karl, Chef Fritz of the Sheriton Hotel - Dallas
Exec. Chief Fritz Doss of Sheraton Inn - Dallas, commercial customer.

About Falster Farm

The Falster's have many years of sustainable farm and ranching by the Organic/Bio-Dynamic Method. In 1999 they began their line breeding program that has developed a herd of Registered Hereford Cows like in size to those that Karl grew up with in middle Tennessee: known as Mini Herefords today, they are the Old Breed. In terms of today's super-sized cows they are miniature, but really not much smaller than those of his family farm in Putnam County Tennessee. The Falster's are Life Members of the American Hereford Association and members of those listed to the right.

In addition to Cattle Ranching, Karl & Nancy raise heirloom meat hogs and have been keeping bees for honey and mead since 1989.

In 2006 Falster Farm instituted a gourmet beef, pork and poultry branding campaign based on finishing their livestock on clover and branding with a falling star trailing a F. "Falster Farm meats are juicy — not juiced."

In 2013, the couple took on an intern; and, now offer a local vegetable food club (CSA) to provide food stuffs raised by their bio-dynamic method to locals who subscribe to the most nourishing, delicious produce available in this part of the country.

Karl's dedication to the organic method began in 1970, upon completion of his tour of duty in the United States Marine Corps. Karl helped establish the Coastal Carolina Organic Gardeners Society in Charleston, SC, serving as its 1st Vice President. Today he maintains his health (mental & physical) by tending their hobby farm in Wood County, East Texas, still promoting all-natural agrarianism.

Nancy is by education a professional personal chef ; uses her considerable talents in the culinary arts, being the driving force for good health and nutritional stability in the Falster Family. She is the former owner - operator of the Curves for Women fitness center in Lockhart, Texas. She teaches the Weston Price Foundation methods for delicious healthy eating. She is an Arbonne, International beauty consultant.  Her extensive background in the culinary arts is matched by her desire to husband her herd of miniature beef and dairy cattle, milking goats for creation of artisan cheeses and looking after her husband's mental, and nourishment needs. 

The Falster's are active members in their local church, community and trade associations: promoting the Southern way: hospitality, charity and kindness to all who grace their path. They welcome your inquiry into their way of life: Southern Grace

Falster Farm and Cattle company has a good number of customers in the Continental United States and abroad. We try to accommodate all that seek our help and advice: see testimonial pages to learn more about what some folks think about our farming practices.  

Falster Farm is a small family farm occupying about 76+ acres of formerly depleted farm land in Wood County: East Texas. Their effort and money have been spent on restoring the natural Post Oak Savannah land to its 1900's level of tilt. Because of the severe drought for the last three years progress has been slow and at times, perhaps dormant, awaiting the moisture to splash life- renewing tilth back into the soils. Falster practices the Organic Method of agriculture and animal husbandry, but adheres to the USDA rules for vaccinations etc. for transportation of their livestock and other rules that have been promulgated by the US and Texas Animal Health Authorities, frequently under protest.    

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