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The Organic Table at Falster Farm
The Organic Table at Falster Farm

Things To Know:

Although we are a small family farm, we are not new in the organic practice of grass-fed farming. We have lived and produced by the organic method since 1970. Our grass fed livestock expertise spans nearly 2 decades now, it has been a great journey, with lots of hard work to have the potential to serve your family with the cleanest, tastiest and most nutrient dense meats and greens.

TESTIMONIAL from one of our customers: “The great thing about Falster Farm is that they work on a small personal scale – its the level of attention and care taken with each customer, each cow, each pasture, and each day on the ranch. It all translates into impeccable, bold-flavored beef, eggs and a smile – my customers just love it all.”
Exec. Chef Joanne Bondy at “Stocks & Bondy”, Dallas.

“That being said, there is no order to large or small to escape our close personal attention. We regularly answer questions about most anything organic — ask Nancy about our Dine and Discuss program” – Karl E. Falster

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