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Karl & Nancy Falster teaching Animal Husbandry 2006.Howdy y'all and welcome to our pages devoted to the documents related to our work on Falster Farm. Several of these documents are of a specific nature that we developed to help our customers and others more fully understand the nature of our Southern Grace style of farming, and others reflect the mechanical aspects of our management and breeding practices.

We are not experts, we are not veterinarians, we are two people married and in love with each other, making a go of all-natural farming - in a culture eaten up with artificialness, and run-a-way- bureaucratic rule and hypocrisy. We think what we do is so important to the future of each other and our community that we spare no effort to share our experiences and our Biblically based Christianity that is the foundation of our lives.

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Mission Statement of Falster Farm

Breaking News at Falster Farm:

Archive of our News Letters and Offers

Best of 2008 Emails

Student Intern Program

Disclaimer Statement

12 Good Reasons to Buy Raise & Sell the Miniature Registered Hereford Breed.


  General Questions and Answers posed to Farmer Falster A-Z stuff, very good

FAQ - Body Condition - discussion about what to look for in a cow

FAQ - Breeding Dates - Importance of breeding patterns

FAQ - Breeding Dates Print

FAQ - Doctoring Our Cows - Some simple old time remedies that have worked for us

FAQ - Best of 2008 Emails

FAQ - Frame Scores - How to Measure Miniature Cattle

FAQ - Gestation Table - Table of the Mini Hereford Cows typical gestation period

History of Falster Farm: and comments by Falster about Falster Farm

Drive Up Instructions - How to get to Falster Farm.  PRINTER FRIENDLY VERSION

How To Buy from Falster: You've decided, not what do we do?

General Sales Agrement

How to Pay Wire Instructions

How to PayPal

How to Wire US Dollars

How To Wire South African Rand

How to Wire Canadian Dollars

How to Wire EUROS

How to Sell With Us

Mission Statement of Falster Farm


News - Falster Farm: Bite Size Steers - The Tyler Paper.com

News - Falster Farm: Nature & Nurture - The Tyler News Telegraph

News - A New Breed of Texas Rancher - The Winnsboro Today News Service

News - GVEC Newsletter for Local Electric Co-Op

News - The Enterprise Gazette

Press Releases:

Press - Message to Return Visitors
Press - Offshore Falster Genetics in Europe
Press - Semas & Ace Display size difference in Standard & Miniature Bulls

Press - Offshore Falster Genetics in the Pacific Rim

Semen - How to Buy 

Semen Special

Testimonials from some of our customers


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