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Yes, These three words sum up the Mission of Falster Farm.

The Falster family and their allied neighbors raise grass fed clover finished Certified Pure Bred heirloom:

Miniature Hereford beef cows,

Miniature Jersey Dairy cows,

Red Wattle meat hogs, and

Pastured (real open/free range) broiler and egg laying chickens and ducks.

Being a full orbed sustainable family farm we also produce Texan Made Artisan Cheese; sour kraut and all manner of vegetables and fruits on our 60 acre organic and Bio-Dynamically managed Wood County ranch just South of Winnsboro, Texas: approximately midway between Dallas and Shreveport, 43 miles North of Tyler, Texas. 

Real Food has a quantifiable high nutrient value, therefore regardles of what the government and their media propaganda promotes as Monsanto safe, we don't put synthetic chemicals or herbicides on our pastures. Our animals are never in feedlots, we have no confinement houses, except for the chickens, ducks and goats at night (to protect them from the "boggy man.") Our products are jucy, not juiced. We are opposed to GMO crops, factory farms, and an invasive government overburdening our lives.

Our mission locally is to be a resource and leader in the restoration of our County/community farming Environment to the Southern Agrarian Order of Natural Farming Practices.

In order to accomplish the mission of Falster Farm, we offer our community  classes at our farm or on consultation, teaching folks how to raise and prepare farm fresh foods in the Nourishing Traditions way. We believe that education is best served by practical application; therefore, we sponsor educational Field Days at Falster Farm in order to educate and demonstrate the all natural Southern Agrarian method of animal and plant husbandry.

Falster Farm is emulating the best of the past to preserve the future.


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