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Student Farmer(s) Sought for Small Biodynamic Livestock Farm and Ranch – East Texas USA

Yesterday, today and tomorrow - the nations prosperity rides on the availability and quality of its food. The American economy is a reflection of the spiraling obesity of its citizens. A rising consciousness can be seen in the press when the Dallas Morning News stated that the Dallas Government schools wanted to buy locally grown vegetables and meats, but can't find enough farmers to meet the order . . . or to that effect. What's to be done?

Falster Farm and Ranch is offering a solution: through the not-for-profit Foundation For Christian Alternatives, basic and advance student internships are being made available. Come learn "Green" with the Falsters

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Student Farmer Sought for Small Biodynamic Livestock Farm and Ranch

– East Texas USA


Falster Farm (, a small biodynamic/”organic based” livestock farm and ranch and training center in Wood County, TX is looking for student farmer(s) to help us run our farm and ranch operations. Applicant(s) must have a strong desire to work with livestock, farm machinery, and organic gardens or biodynamic methods. Most importantly, we desire to train someone with real initiative. The opportunity includes learning: 

  • Milking miniature and old world Jersey cows for our raw milk needs and milk processing

  • Cheese, yogurt, kefir and whey uses/making in the nourishing traditional styles

  • Basic and advanced Wild Yeast and cultured fermentation of vegetables, meats, and wine/mead

  • Irrigation installation and management in pasture and garden

  • Pond and dry wash development and conservation

  • Basic and advanced fencing (Electric and Parameter) and rotational grazing

  • Pasturage development and maintenance for multi species accommodation

  • Tractor work in spraying organic and biodynamic preparations in pasture and garden

  • Tractor work in plowing and cultivation

  • Tractor work in mowing pastures/landscapes

  • Electric fence work and basic herd management

  • Egg collection, and packing

  • Miniature cattle herd record keeping and breeding protocols

  • Basic cattle and horse natural health husbandry

  • Pastured swine and chicken protocols/husbandry

  • Animal housing upkeep

  • Predator control including Panthers, Coyotes, wild hogs, raccoons and stoats

  • Basic and advanced firearm and trap use and safety
  • Basic and advanced organic gardening and landscaping 

If interested, please email Acceptance into the Falster Farm Intern Program is on an At-Will selection and continuance basis. Experience counts but is not required; references as to character and motivation are. A month trial period will precede full acceptance. The successful applicant(s) work under the close supervision of the Falsters (see history of FF.)

The Falster vision for the land includes:

• Sustainable, diversified agriculture using bio-dynamic/organic practices

• Food production for local markets

• Educational opportunities such as farmer mentoring (internships), farm camps, community class/workshops, and school programs

• Community engagement such as harvest celebrations, volunteer work-days, etc.


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Falster Farm is the Focus of attention in the May, 2011 edition of ACRES USA on  Holistic Cattle Management. ACRES is America's Top All Natural Agri. Publication.

"I guess Falster Farm & Miniature Cattle have been the subject of 10 or 12 magazine articles and TV shows over the years, but we were really surprised to find ourselves on the cover of America's leading Agricultural Monthly!" -- Karl Falster




Don't Make Yourself a Stranger, Come visit with our Mini Cows - Click Here For Directions! -



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