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Thankfully we have a number of satisfied customers and some that we have shared some difficulty with (mostly on paper work passing between the AMA and the buyer.) Not everyone that buys from us tells anything in writing, just lots of smiles when we arrive with the order of their Falster Miniature cattle. But here are some comments that we can share with you:


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5/15/02 Nancy, Jim and I really appreciate your helping us get started with the mini Hereford cattle. We bought our bull from Mr. Largent but loved the heifers at your place. KNF APRIL ANN is a dream to look at each time we go outside. Thank you for the sale and the delivery. Judy Peterson - Texas


3/1/04  Karl, Thanks for the contacts and sales we've made by way of your website. Here a check for $500.  Ron Himelberg - Arkansas.


10/09/2004    Karl, your help in selling our cows was a God send. With my husband down with cancer I didn't know what to do about our mini Herefords and the goat. Your phone conversation with him and business dealings gave us both relief and strength to carry on during very difficult times. You and Nancy sold them all, you came and picked them up and you delivered them for us, and took care of the paper work. Marc has passed on now. As you know Marc sold all his big cows and invested in Miniature Herefords in 1990. He knew his health was failing him too much to run those bigger cows, but the Mini Herefords were gentle and he enjoyed having them so much. I'm enclosing his obituary pamphlet. Thank you so much for all your help. God Bless you both. Barbara - Waller, Texas 


11/15/04    Dear Nancy & Karl: you were so wonderful to help out our neighbor Mildred. She told us all about it, and we want you to sell our miniature Herefords too. Mildred - Waller, Texas


8/9/2005     At approximately 4pm today Champion farms was blessed with a little addition to its ranks.  The baby calf is nursing well and appears to be in excellent health.  90% certain we are looking at a little girl, either way itís a blessing to see all of hit the  hit the ground healthy. Dagmar is indeed a Champion. Thank You for selling him to us.  Keith Land

11/28/05  Hi Nancy and Karl,    We made it to Katy fine with all the cows and bull. I already have two of them eating out of my hand. Wanted to let you know I got register with the Hereford Association, it may make it easier transferring the paper work. My number is 7529632 and it is under my name. Looking forward to seeing you all around the ninth. [For delivery of balance on an order of 9 Cows and 1 Herd Sire] Will get Ken to make you a pot of sausage, chicken gumbo.   Sonja - Houston, TX


3/16/06    We feel y'all are charging way too much in shipping [to New York state].  Thanks anyway. Fondly, Mary Beth (Well Beth FedEx charges what it will.)


3/26/06    He [KNF Kenneth Ray] is doing great. Tell Nancy I will be sending pictures of Madison leading Kenneth Ray. He took to the halter and leading with no fight. He is a very sweet animal [pet bull calf]. Madison is enjoying him very much. Continued success with your farm. Thank you - Catherine Garrett


4/06/06    Thank you so much.  The semen shipment went so smoothly, we already have the girls pregnant. We look forward to hearing from you. -Daryl Bailey-


8/14/2006    Thank you Karl:  LINE BREEDING

Someone finally explained it to be so I can understand it [Line Breeding]. (Went back to college to get a degree in Farm and Range management and changed to Landscape Design and Horticulture). Was older than most of my Professor's which helped me considerably.

Anyway, I had a couple try to explain it [Line Breeding] and to me they had no real clue.

I knew that Justin Morgan started the Morgan line with one great horse, and I also knew that many of the major breeds where done that way too.

I looked into the "Panda" and concluded as you did-IT AIN"T WORKING>

It seems this gentleman is trying to get somewhere and forgetting where the cart is.

I looked at all of his Progeny-for all his 'Breeds" and found them ALL lacking in sustainability. The third and fourth generations are just not producing like the first.

Most major breeds, have came from multiple generations of the same "look".

Look at the "Black Baldy", so would say it is the best of two breeds. Well it at least looks like the same animal time after time.

Your Herefords ALL look like the "Regular" size Hereford.

This is what I am looking for.

The same, but better.

Thanks for all the information



I try to do as much organic as I can. Used to have my own Pest Control Co., but did the best I could to use the least chemicals possible. Still Live in that world.

Everything we need to take care of ANY problem we have is here on this Earth. (paraphrased) and I totally believe this.

3/15/2007    Dear Karl & Nancy, thank you for receiving me and giving me a tour of your ranch . . .


6/1/07  I received the semen in a timely manner. Champion contacted me to let me know when they would ship and it was on my porch the next day. I am not sure how to judge its condition except to wait nine months and see what pops out of my cows. My A.I.tech picked up the semen one day after its delivery to my home. I have nothing to compare your service or the service of Champion to as this is the first time ordering semen except say that if all the people I will deal with are as professional as both of you and Champion breeding minis will be a pleasurable experience. I must add that FedEx was also prompt and helpful in picking the tank up when it became empty. Thanks for your help and I will be contacting you in nine months to let you know the outcome. Letís hope for three  more heifers in í08. thanks again.   al

Allen and Carol Welsh

6/12/08  LIVE COVER  Howdy Karl & Nancy, I enjoyed talking to you tonight Karl podnah.  Ol' Cibilo and Martin Luther have done themselves up proud.  Cibilo sired 2 heifers and a bull (BY LIVE COVER.) Martin Luther sired a bull.  They are all mighty fine looking calves.

One cow (the one I called Nancy Beth) never calved.  She has now been with 4 different bulls with no result so I will be taking her to market real soon.  I hope y'all are doing well, we are certainly blessed.  I took my little herd to the vet today and got them all current on shots and the calves all tattooed.  Tell Nancy gal howdy when she gets back. The Lord be with you, Hal Hines

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