War Journal of a Battalion Scout


Scouts of 1st Battalion 1st Marines
Scouts – 1st to Fight

I’ve been asked several times by Godly and Patriotic folks if I would recommend that their child join the Armed Forces of the United States. Answering that question has never been easy. Be assured  it can be a deadly issue, but not always. I’m told that it takes 9 Marines in the rear to support one Marine in a Line Company (a combat Marine.) So I guess when all those veterans stand up to be honored, 1 of them was shot at or one of them shot at somebody. My point in these essays is not entirly one of self agrandzment, but also a way of answering that question noted above, about what those in the 10% get exposed to, along with educating the reader that there are individuals that add an additional element to the combat equasion. I was one of those, a Line Company Marine, a jarhead, a grunt, but also a special unit Marine a Battalion Scout and Sniper. Following the links will tell you of my some of my story in the Tet Offensive at Hue’ City — and answer the question.

  • Tet 1968 – from the Battle Dairy of Viet Nam Page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page 4
  • Operation Medina – Under Construction


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