Hot Watermelon Day for the Falster Pigs

Typing this post up makes me hearken back to the time our two daughters (Bonnie & Molly) were called pigs by me, at the supper table. It was a shameful thing to say at the them – but funny to think about now.

Just another day on the Falster Farm – its going on evening now, and time to feed those funny pigs out back there. They are occupying the collection paddock this summer because we have so many of them – 18 gilts and 2 mama’s.

They are on thick common Bermuda grass pasture now that the clover has burned up and been eaten off. They will be on this grass till it’s time to process them. They have all been sold except the mama sows, which we will breed back here shortly to a neighbor’s boar.

They get a rich diet of sunshine, long green chlorophyll laden grass, fresh and fermented raw, unprocessed milk full of calcium and every mineral. As you can see they also get watermelons and vegetables by the bucketful. They just finished up the peas from the truck garden and they loved um too.

Some folks say a pig won’t make it on these fresh vegetables, grass, raw milk and the like; but, I gotta tell you, anyone who has had French Fries cooked in Falster Farm Lard can attest to the outstanding taste and wholesomeness!

Nancy cooking in Lard our Onion Rins and French Fries!
Onions Drying on the little side deck above work bench


Willie ready to help deliver the Watermellon


Falster Prime Pork enjoying Watermellon and vegtables

Y’all come see us. ________________________________________________________________________________

76 Acre East Texas Farm Available

76 acre non-certified organic and biodynamic family farm & ranch is for sale in Wood County, East Texas. Husband and wife sellers are willing to stay/live on-site to teach/advise/mentor you in how to become a successful sustainable Rancher/Farmer. This property is next to nothing for privacy and close to everything for convenience.

76 Rolling Post Oak Savannah acres, (+) or (-) 85 head of pastured: beef, Heritage Pigs, Chickens for meat and eggs, 13 active hives of Honey Bees. 18 acre Hay Meadow, 30 acres of pristine white ball clover for beef and pork finishing and honey. Land is gated with wielded pipe fence on County Maintained black top road. Fenced and cross fenced with lots of hard wood and pine trees, 3 wells. Property is surrounded by big woods and meadows on all sides, on paved county road 8 miles from Quitman and 7 Miles from Winnsboro, Texas.

Since 1989, Falster Farm has enjoyed an international market presence and acclaim in Europe and the Pacific Basin, selling Live Cattle and Artificial Breeding products of Miniature Registered Herefords and Miniature Jersey milk cows: Falster is a producer of Branded pork and beef cuts of meat: Falling Star Brand. Currently we have a contract to supply Sheraton Convention Center, Dallas, Texas. Additionally, the Falster Farm has been the subject of numerous national and regional magazine and newspaper columns, including the prestigious ACRES USA.

Two Large full drip irrigated truck gardens & fruit tree orchard, black berry and blue berries, grape and Muscatine vineyards (about 2 acres.) A 50′ x 20′ Greenhouse started.   Student/apprentice cabin, two barns, 2 outbuildings, 3 covered sheds, large storage trailer, horse, cattle and pig paddocks all lead to corrals with electric and water. The Corral has a covered squeeze shoot and full loading facilities.

All farm equipment: mechanic’s tools, 2 tractors with full implements for cultivation, hay handling, spraying of organic teas and fertilizers; a 30′ and a 14′ covered stock trailers to haul cattle, 3 farm trailers. Every manner of tool and equipment to milk cows and goats, tend pigs and chickens and make the finest honey available is included. This is a full orbed sustainable farm, with many custom tools and equipment items included.County Line Magazine Article featuring Nancy Falster's mini Jersey

Additionally, new buyer will own all mineral and full water rights in the State of Texas. Wood County has one of the lowest tax bases in the nation, while located in the mid point between Dallas, Shreveport, Tyler and Texarkana, a local market of 30,000.

WHAT IS NOT HERE: no high tension overhead wires or electric sub-station, no railroad tracks, no commercial chicken houses, no factory farms, no oil pumping stations, no commercial easements, not much traffic at all — so our air is clean and the nights are quiet, our livestock get only the freshest air and sunshine and so will the new owner.   Present owners are willing to stay onsite to teach, train and educate buyers to be successful at sustainable Texas Ranch life – if requested. Only $998,000, grab your cowboy hat and head for TEXAS!

Cattle Dog “WILLIE” w/ Goober & Tracy

To learn more about Falster Farm please visit our web page “History of Falster Farm





Can’t sleep at night?

This morning, I arose with a shout of GOOD MORNING, rise and shine, went into the kitchen hugged my wife, making up my coffee and opened the frig to extract the elixir of my fluid motion: YOU AINT GONNA BELIVE THIS – 2 fingers of Fermented Cod Liver oil and a baby spoon of pure raw real butter. Yep, that’s the answer to all the pain my ageing body’s lack of flexibility needs.

Walked back to my office to watch the sun over the East Pasture decide if it was going to get up or not and flicked on my putter.

I had an interesting notice from a neighbor on Face Book, “i. N. S. O. M. N I. A…………”

  • A female replied, “I woke up at 2 and tossed and turned til 5:30…. Hate when that happens.  about an hour ago via mobile · Like Unlike
  • A former Marine added, “Normal” 34 minutes ago · Like Unlike
  • A middle aged neighbor replied, “It’s the Martians. We disturbed their privacy with the land rover, so they are send rays to our sleep patterns. Just get your foil hats out. 29 minutes ago via mobile · Like Unlike
  • Then I just had to chime in, “More like a need for PT (Physical Training) – get out and hump a few miles and your get a need for sleep. I’m on the tractor clipping fields or restoring downed fence, or working livestock – therefore, got no problem with shuteye! 16 minutes ago · Like Unlike
  • Then on 2nd thought, “If you’re looking for a personal trainer on how to get the exercise necessary to sleep well give me a try – gots plenty to do around here yet. Hay is coming in and that means good work therapy is available, no charge, no long term contract, no fees. Come see us. 17 minutes ago · LikeUnlike


My grandchilgren  Tracy and the Goober love to get up early and follow grandpa to the barn or fields and pitch right in. Got a problem with children – give um somthing to do – they’ll love you for it, and believe me, you can rest easy – and gratefully at night.