Honey Bees in Water Meter?

Some folks over in Emory, Texas called the other day saying that Falster Farm had been recommended to them to remove a bunch of honey bees they had in a non-toxic way. After a few questions I agreed it was a case we could do the owners the honey bees and the Falster’s some good. Follwing is a photo journal of the event.

1_Water Meter
Just a regular looking water meter out by the road way. Perhaps you can see the comb showing at the edge of the inspection hole?
2_calm down
I want to calm myself down and make a reasonable presentation – so I put on Young Living Essential Oils “Calming”
2_light smoker
So, I’m calm and I light up my smoker with wood shaving from our farm.
Once I get her light up, a steady smoke is going on. I will lay this smoke on the colony, not blow um up with it. Very Gentle Action.
Her you see my home made Bee Vac, this will gently gatjer them up into the basket.
6_opening Meter Cover
Taking my hive tool I slowly open the meter cover to expose them. It is raining and over cast – not a good day to work bees.
7_give a touch of smoak
I lay the smoke on them and they gentle right down.
8_looks good
Looks like we have a good buch of bees and a good bit of stored honey.
9_pretty honeybee comb
I can see this is a new coloney cause the comb is all bright and clean.
10_bee vac
Now I take the vac and gently suck them up. The queen was not seen, The colony went a good ways bac into the ground – very unusal.
11_bee vac more
Not knowing the disposition of the colony and the rain I suited up with gloves, veil, and heavy clothing.
12_more in the back
The bees were so calm, from the influence of the Young Living Oils, I took my gloves off and was very comfortable.


Bees Captured and boxing um up.
Captured bees will be added to a weaker colony.
I lay a piece of thin paper over the exixting colon and st an empty box over that. I pour the captured ferel bees into the top and cover it. Let it stand for a few days as the two cononeys cut the paper and unite.
The honey bees have cut their way through the paper shield over the following weeks and are now united withou a squable.

 I don’t recomend working honey bees on over cast days, but I’ve learned that if you cover yourself (your scent) with the Young Living ‘Calming” esential oil it will help out a lot.