The Homestead Cow

The Family Cow Development

Most of the customers that come to Falster Farm are looking for a cow that they can work with in the development of their own small  – family farm. Sustainability is a aspect of their desire although often subliminal. At the turn of the century we started developing the Hersey Line of cross bred cows: Jersey Cow bred by a Mini Hereford Bull.

The project has come into bloom now and we have a enough calves on the ground in the 3rd generation to get a look at what the effect will be:

If you are looking for a dual purpose breed these charming mid size to mini cows may be your answer.
Perhaps if you have a question I could answer it in another Post. Ask away my friend.


18 China Doll

#18  KNF CHINA DOLL 1863 is a  beautiful pure bred miniature Registered Hereford Bred Heifer. Born 09JUN12 at Spring Round-up on 3/21/14 Very Calm in Shoot. Got new measurements. She was 41″ high and weighed 481#. Pregnant with a calf from KNF SIR TRISTAN.

She is the horned daughter of our long time favorite Dam LS MISS BOULDER 1863 x KNF CUBOLO. She carries the Falling Star Brand on her hip and is replacement heifer standard, the very basis of sustainable farming.