2017 Hog Inventory Offer

Falling Star Red Wattle hogs.

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Good Morning Y’all — I want to show you our current “Cochon de lait cru” (pigs raised on raw milk) so you can take advantage of our Boutique Spring 2017 offering. We are a Family Farm that serves a sophisticated and often specialized clientele.


  • Selling price is $3.00 per lbs. live weight, f.o.b Wood County, Texas. You may buy whole or part, or cut in “primal cuts” to receive our guarantee.
  • This is prime – red meat pork. Hand fed twice daily on raw milk, whey and cheese trimmings; Texas Natural Feed (no-soy, no-GMO) feed; while out on pasture 365 days a year.

    Personal deliver whole hog to Chef Customer.
  • Processed in Wood County under USDA inspection and guaranteed to be our Falling Star Brand animal delivered to your door.


There are many factors contributing to meat quality: Diet, Genetics, and the environs animals are reared in: concrete, dirt, or pasture.

Diet: the factory farm (commodity hogs) usually on concrete and most of the dirt farms feed a high protein (around 22-24%) GMO feed. The reason for this is that 1.) high protein feed is mostly what is available at the feed store; 2.) the growth is faster with more muscle and less fat (both  intermuscular and back fat). However, If you feed a lower protein diet of 10 or 12 percent protein (sweet feed and slop) the hog will put on less muscle and more fat.
What is preferred is a balance between the high fat and low fat hog. We are a boutique farm feeding a special no-soy, non GMO 16 percent protein which works well with our breed of hog. Coupled with our raw milk and cheeses, this gives us just about the right amount of fat both in the muscle and on the back. Commodity hogs run between 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch of back fat. Our hogs run between 3/4 and 1 inch of back fat. Also, with Falster Farm hogs, you get a good amount of delicious intramuscular fat. This gives you similar flavor and the tenderness you enjoy in a really good steak.
Secondly, you need good genetics for meat quality. As most of you know the Berkshire is known for meat quality. This is because the fat has not been bred out of this breed as bad as most other breeds. The same is true of the Red Wattle. Another genetic trait that both breeds share is, the meat is at a near neutral ph. This trait effects the meats ability to retain water in the muscle better than supermarket pork. That why I say: “Falster Farm meat is juicy, not juiced.” Which would you prefer, meat or water?
Third the environment in which the animal is raised determines how much exercise and stress the animal is exposed to. Just like with people, to little exercise or to much stress can effect the muscles of the animal and also the meat quality. It is our belief that exercise and sunshine allows more oxygen in the blood to travel throughout the meat of the Falster Farm hog which provides meat with more redness in color and delicious flavor.

Now, let’s look at what we have available for you today:

Falster “Falling Star” Red Wattle Hog

We have two (2) Red Wattle hogs that weigh 740 – 750 lbs.: “Pickles” and “Blondie”. These girls have excellent bacon roasts etc. “Cochon de lait cru”

Processing: must be killed, skinned and split (halved) head and organ meats bagged separately. May be further cut into Primal’s. No retail cuts are available to receive our guarantee.

“Bee Gee” Falster Falling Star Berkshire Gilt.

Weighing 245 lbs. “Bee Gee” is the quintessential Berkshire beauty. With the added value of “Cochon de lait cru”, she is the gourmet delight.

Processing: May be scalded and scraped (skin on), whole or split. Head on or separate, the organ meats are boxed separately.

Our guarantee is that you buy our live, hand raised pig, and that pig is USDA processed, then if you like, the finished pork can be delivered by our personal truck or free pick-up in Mineola, Texas.

Falster Farm on Pasture 365

Karl or Nancy Falster
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