Miniature Jersey Bred Heifer – PUFFY BLOWFISH

Full Blood Miniature Jersey KNF SEV gave birth to a charming little (25 lbs.) heifer calf on April 26, 2016. Below is a photo of the hours of that birth. Birthing on deep grass and clover, she has the very best environmental and stress-less conditions for a healthy, secure and loving upbringing. The mama cow teaches and nourishes the calf to thrive on the rolling Post Oak savannah of Falster Farm on Pasture 365 days a year.

My comments in her file are:

“12/2/17 4 ml LONGRANGE, MULTIMIN, BOVASHIELD (calf hood injections)
6/2017 Pasture Exposed to T197.
24 OCT 16 Weaned, excellent vigor and friendliness, should be just like her mama.
1 OCT 16 Ran her and other calves through to tag and deworm. Lots of personality, a good thinker.
23APR16 Found her alone in Far South Pasture – had moved herd to Hay Meadow the evening before. SEF jumped the fence to return to her. I separated them – putting calf in hall next to the BUTTERMILK pony. Very feminine, deer like, very assertive nursing and active.”


February 2018 finds PUFFY safe in calf, about 4 months pregnant, friendly and awaiting a family farm to start her career as a moderate to heavy milker, standing only some 40″ tall at the hip when fully mature. She has an excellent tight udder, her pelt is golden in color and she is very gentle. Because of her size and deportment she is thrifty and clean . . . perfect for the small farmstead.

A Note About Our Practice:

Our pastures have been free of toxic sprays and chemical fertilizers since 2005 when we bought the place. Our passion is “Raising Food Fit To Eat” — growing nutrient dense beef, dairy and poultry products. We manage our pastures using management intensive grazing practices, never in confinement, never SOY or GMO or HORMONES.

Our animal nutrition is supported with Redmond natural minerals and organic alfalfa. Parasite control is accomplished using diatomaceous earth in the minerals as well as apple cider vinegar in the drinking water. Antibiotics or hormones are never used.

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