Not so Chicken Little – Part 1

All Natural Raising of meat birds (chickens) was a long time desire for my dear mother Reba Sue Bockman (she remaried after my daddy’s death. She used to tell me of a French TV Program that she saw where the French farmers raised their meat chickens on open pasture. I can recall setting at her breakfast table laughing about how to make it happen: did they round um up every evening to keep the coyote off; did they have a fence around them – you know, how did they do that? A few chickens out on pasture was one thing, but hundreds; now that posed a challenge to my thinking and design mind.

It was not until I married my long tall Texas redhead Nancy Gail that we really got serious about raising those open range meat chickens . . . enjoyed that taste so good and are so healthy for me. Yes there is a constant battle with the preditors, but the results of our success are noticeable in this here short clip . . . FALSTER FARM Red Ranger Broilers raised on pasture, finished on clover!


If you listen real close you can hear one of our Red Wattle hogs grunt in the background as it enjoys the rich clover as well. Raising livestock this way enriches their life experience and builds our soils to a self sustaining fertility level.

Next time we will discuss the power of Bio Dynamic choices in our farming practice.

Hot Watermelon Day for the Falster Pigs

Typing this post up makes me hearken back to the time our two daughters (Bonnie & Molly) were called pigs by me, at the supper table. It was a shameful thing to say at the them – but funny to think about now.

Just another day on the Falster Farm – its going on evening now, and time to feed those funny pigs out back there. They are occupying the collection paddock this summer because we have so many of them – 18 gilts and 2 mama’s.

They are on thick common Bermuda grass pasture now that the clover has burned up and been eaten off. They will be on this grass till it’s time to process them. They have all been sold except the mama sows, which we will breed back here shortly to a neighbor’s boar.

They get a rich diet of sunshine, long green chlorophyll laden grass, fresh and fermented raw, unprocessed milk full of calcium and every mineral. As you can see they also get watermelons and vegetables by the bucketful. They just finished up the peas from the truck garden and they loved um too.

Some folks say a pig won’t make it on these fresh vegetables, grass, raw milk and the like; but, I gotta tell you, anyone who has had French Fries cooked in Falster Farm Lard can attest to the outstanding taste and wholesomeness!

Nancy cooking in Lard our Onion Rins and French Fries!
Onions Drying on the little side deck above work bench


Willie ready to help deliver the Watermellon


Falster Prime Pork enjoying Watermellon and vegtables

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