2017 Hog Inventory Offer

Falling Star Red Wattle hogs.

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Good Morning Y’all — I want to show you our current “Cochon de lait cru” (pigs raised on raw milk) so you can take advantage of our Boutique Spring 2017 offering. We are a Family Farm that serves a sophisticated and often specialized clientele.


  • Selling price is $3.00 per lbs. live weight, f.o.b Wood County, Texas. You may buy whole or part, or cut in “primal cuts” to receive our guarantee.
  • This is prime – red meat pork. Hand fed twice daily on raw milk, whey and cheese trimmings; Texas Natural Feed (no-soy, no-GMO) feed; while out on pasture 365 days a year.

    Personal deliver whole hog to Chef Customer.
  • Processed in Wood County under USDA inspection and guaranteed to be our Falling Star Brand animal delivered to your door.


There are many factors contributing to meat quality: Diet, Genetics, and the environs animals are reared in: concrete, dirt, or pasture.

Diet: the factory farm (commodity hogs) usually on concrete and most of the dirt farms feed a high protein (around 22-24%) GMO feed. The reason for this is that 1.) high protein feed is mostly what is available at the feed store; 2.) the growth is faster with more muscle and less fat (both  intermuscular and back fat). However, If you feed a lower protein diet of 10 or 12 percent protein (sweet feed and slop) the hog will put on less muscle and more fat.
What is preferred is a balance between the high fat and low fat hog. We are a boutique farm feeding a special no-soy, non GMO 16 percent protein which works well with our breed of hog. Coupled with our raw milk and cheeses, this gives us just about the right amount of fat both in the muscle and on the back. Commodity hogs run between 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch of back fat. Our hogs run between 3/4 and 1 inch of back fat. Also, with Falster Farm hogs, you get a good amount of delicious intramuscular fat. This gives you similar flavor and the tenderness you enjoy in a really good steak.
Secondly, you need good genetics for meat quality. As most of you know the Berkshire is known for meat quality. This is because the fat has not been bred out of this breed as bad as most other breeds. The same is true of the Red Wattle. Another genetic trait that both breeds share is, the meat is at a near neutral ph. This trait effects the meats ability to retain water in the muscle better than supermarket pork. That why I say: “Falster Farm meat is juicy, not juiced.” Which would you prefer, meat or water?
Third the environment in which the animal is raised determines how much exercise and stress the animal is exposed to. Just like with people, to little exercise or to much stress can effect the muscles of the animal and also the meat quality. It is our belief that exercise and sunshine allows more oxygen in the blood to travel throughout the meat of the Falster Farm hog which provides meat with more redness in color and delicious flavor.

Now, let’s look at what we have available for you today:

Falster “Falling Star” Red Wattle Hog

We have two (2) Red Wattle hogs that weigh 740 – 750 lbs.: “Pickles” and “Blondie”. These girls have excellent bacon roasts etc. “Cochon de lait cru”

Processing: must be killed, skinned and split (halved) head and organ meats bagged separately. May be further cut into Primal’s. No retail cuts are available to receive our guarantee.

“Bee Gee” Falster Falling Star Berkshire Gilt.

Weighing 245 lbs. “Bee Gee” is the quintessential Berkshire beauty. With the added value of “Cochon de lait cru”, she is the gourmet delight.

Processing: May be scalded and scraped (skin on), whole or split. Head on or separate, the organ meats are boxed separately.

Our guarantee is that you buy our live, hand raised pig, and that pig is USDA processed, then if you like, the finished pork can be delivered by our personal truck or free pick-up in Mineola, Texas.

Falster Farm on Pasture 365

Karl or Nancy Falster
2112 CR-4778
Winnsboro, Texas 75494

Pasture-Raised Heritage Pork from Our Farm to You

Chef Nick's Speciality Bord at Hibuscus Resturant in Dallas.
Chef Nick’s Speciality Board at Hibuscus Resturant in Dallas.

Pasture-Raised, Antibiotic and Hormone-Free; no soy, no GMO: Berkshire and Large Black / Red Waddle – Cross Pork raised by Falster Farm on Pasture 365™ near Winnsboro, TX. A Certified Wholistic™ East Texas small family farm.

The richness and texture of Falster’s Falling Star Brand pork is highly sought after by our gourmet customers and restaurant chefs in Dallas. Unlike commercial pork, Falster Paleo hogs are internally marbled with a meat that is naturally delicious, tender and darker in color. Hand fed twice a day with real raw milk, this yields a very contented hog with great intramuscular marbling, a rich flavor unmatched by any other method of swine production . . . it is my grandpa’s way, the old Normandy French way. The chefs say, “Falster pork is juicy, not juiced.”

Capt. Karl personally delivers whole hog to Paleo Customer.
Capt. Karl personally delivers whole hog to ship to New York

Contact: Nancy 903.629.3034

You will find our pork so good; it was the featured main course in New York City cooking show (Spring of 2015) at the James Beard Foundation.

Our pigs are reared in the peaceful harmony of Falster Farm, located on the Post Oak Savannah mid-way between Quitman and Winnsboro just off SH-37. It’s in this setting that our pastured raised and clover finished beef and pork are carefully raised and daily tended. It’s this low stress environment which naturally produces the best meat possible, in the Old French style.

We will deliver the hog to a meat processing plant for your benefit.

The pork is sold by hanging weight — with live weight being approximately 250-300 lbs and hanging weight being approximately 185-225 lbs

Whole or half hog is $5.50/lb (live weight.) Cutting and wrapped is done to your

Outdoor Rotisserie, just a Great Time.
Outdoor Rotisserie, just a Great Time.


specifications, then it is ready for your freezer.

We also sell different cuts packaged and sold by the lbs. Some of our cuts and prices are listed below: (subject to availability) Please call Nancy at 903-629-3034.

Ground Pork – $8.25
Summer Sausage – $15.00 /lb
Pork chops, cutlets, ribs and hams – $10.00/lb

Falling Star Meats
Falling Star Meats

Bacon (Sliced, cured) – $13.75/lb
Shoulder Roast – $9.75/lb

Contact: Nancy 903.629.3034
Also please visit our website for more photos and info about our farm at: www.falsterfarm.com

Falster Pigs on thier Pond
Falster Pigs on thier Pond


We invite your visit and appreciate to opportunity to share our farm produce with you.

Milk Fed Pig Report “Cochon de lait cru”

Along with the scientific and experiential fact that raw milk is an excellent health food for my family, I’ve also been using raw milk (JERSEY GIRLS dairy in Winnsboro Texas) to supplement our pig’s all-natural diet (“Cochon de lait cru”.) The cow is a ruminant animal, and as such converters grasses and fobs into a healthy meat and milk. Paris Reidhead in an exhaustive article titled CLA’s and Omega 3’s: Pastured Health Benefits Passed to Humans confirms and states succinctly what I (and our customers) have experienced over the last several years.

Milk from Grass Fed Cows has Hidden Benefits

Until recently, all of the experiments demonstrating the cancer – fighting properties of CLA have used SYNTHETIC CLA. To see whether the CLA that occurs naturally in cow’s milk has similar cancer – fighting properties, researchers recently compared the two. They fed one group of rats butter that was high in CLA (from raw cow’s milk) and fed another group of rats an equivalent amount of synthetic CLA. As one would expect, the natural CLA proved to be just as effective in blocking tumor growth as the man – made variety. (In both cases, cancer yield was reduced by about 50%.)

However, the rats eating the butter accumulated even more CLA in their tissues than the rats fed an equivalent amount of synthetic CLA. Researchers believe that the rats were converting another “good” fat found in the butter, trans-vaccenic acid or TVA, into CLA, providing a second helping of this cancer fighting fat.

So, here at Falster Farm, along with raising our pigs out in the pasture (I mean grass and clover fields – not a dirt lot) we also feed them grass fed raw dairy: milk, cheeses, whey, and yogurt, all of which is naturally rich in CLA’s and Omega 3’s plus other nutrients like lycine which pigs need as well as Vitamin A ( which only comes from animal sources by the way). We feed only Non-Soy, Non-GMO, Non-Medicated feed, rather, we feed all-natural peanut/forage based feed from TEXAS NATURAL FEED.

Traditionally pork raised in this manner by the French and Italian all-natural farmers is called “Cochon de lait cru” and stands alone from most other pork on the market in terms of delicate taste and supreme nutritional and health value.

Here we see one of Falster’s Red Wattle Sows with her Cochon de lait cru piglets coming in from the pastures to feed on raw dairy we collect from Jersey Girls dairy twice a week. The ducks along with the guineas hens are companions that eat up the insects and any other pest or parasite on the place. The pigs reciprocate by keeping the raccoon, possum and coyote bay.

As our many farm visitors attest, it’s a lovely and fascinating site to see the interaction of all the different species of animals. Because of this working relationship there are no flies to speak of and no smell of fecal matter or urine. The soil borne biological creatures literally consume the waste, converting it into rich beneficial humic-matter.

Over the Summer of 2013 we had 5 Interns from different parts of France it was a pleasant surprise to learn that what I thought was a new, if not novel idea of my grandmothers feeding her pigs milk was a gourmet practice in certain parts of France and Italy.  

In our opinion, this division of our farm is the very epitome of a sustainable agriculture.

Making a Pig & Pork Difference

The buying public seldom gets to meet the farmer of his food, and even more seldom have the opportunity of seeing the rearing conditions/environment his food is being reared in. The Falsters and their allied local farmer’s do all they can to encourage contact between the buying public and our species and produce; so they can see and enjoy the bio-diversity that promotes good health and great tastes.

In the rearing of Falling Star Brand pork the visiting customer can see our efforts at ensuring optimal living conditions for our animals. The scene below shows our young pigs being nourished on sweet grasses and red and white clovers on our Post Oak Savannah pastures. The pond affords lounging areas topped with shade provided by oak and sweet gum trees.

pig 1
Raw Milk Feeder for Falling Star Pigs

When consumers buy grocery store pork, they can be assured that that pork is nothing what so ever like Falster Farm’s Falling Star Brand pork. What is impressive about Falling Star Brand pigs is their gourmet taste, the result of feeding a special diet.

Factory Farms, are so unhealthy that their pigs must receive regular does of anti-biotic medications and growth hormones, which I believe are passed on to the consumer despite government approved labeling (who in their right mind can trust the government?) These big farms domicile the pig in a cage so small that the animal can hardly turn around, in an enclosed barn that stifles the olfactory.

Many Local Farms often feed large amounts of “good left over’s” and waste such as two day old bread store throw-away as well as GMO corn and wheat shorts on dirt lots.

Now, people who buy animal meat reared like this are free to do so. Bless there their hearts they have unconsciously made a decision to put their money into prescription drugs rather than quality food. Yes, we are what we eat, and eating meat is primal to the human need but eating cheap factory food is anti-primal, it is a major source contributing to the national obesity and health dysfunction.

Recognizing this, Nancy and I made the decision to rear a much better meat for our family and all those that are of like mind and consideration. Yes that means we are not feeding the world cheap nutrient worthless food. The Falster pork rearing protocol is almost unique. Read More about how we do it.

Nancy and I share this process with folks from around the world that come to intern on Falster Farm. These interns are mostly involved in the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms – WWOOF. It is an expense for us but we believe that the real hope for the planet isn’t some crap about a corporation doing “green” things; rather, real people learning and living how to implement sustainable farming practices that work in the real world, not on the TV advertisements.




1st Order of Falster Gourmet Pork to Sheraton Dallas

Falster with Red Wattel HogIn my formative years, my Grandpa Morgan’s neighbor was a bachelor that had a large farm full of meat pigs, running on pasture meadows. My brother Gene and I were frequently helping him – frankly as much as we were allowed to because those pigs were so much fun to be around – along with the hillside stream of pure running brook water. Those were the old time Pole-n-China meat pigs. I learned animal husbandry as much from Henry Boyd, his pigs and mules as anyone.

When Nancy wanted to add pigs to our place, I was delighted over the idea. I had come across a very attractive breed in called the Red Wattle hog being bred by a retired Air Force Sgt. Major, Ed Orr; in French Camp, Mississippi. I was very much impressed with the size and looks of this red meat breed and suggested we try those here on Falster Farm.

 There are several attributes to a sustainable farming practice: picking a breed that is attractive to you, selecting breeding stock; raising that stock to critical standards; butchering that stock at the right time and in the right way; and, marketing and selling that stock at a reasonable profit.

There is a world of difference between commodity (factory farm) pork and meat quality pork. Elsewhere we have discussed the way we select and raise our stock; the point of this post is butchering our stock at the right time and in the right way, and delivery.

Over the years we have had good relationships and a bad and less than fulfilling relationship with the abattoir process and processors. The primary reason we chose not to sell beef, pork or mutton when we farmed in San Antonio area was due to the lack of a reliable local facility. Moving to North East Texas made a significant change in that situation . So we are now very much satisfied with the quality of our arrangement with Cobb’s Meat Processing in the Sumpter (Paris,) Texas area. We found they were fully certified with the Texas Regulatory agencies and they got our brand and private label certified as well.

Nothing beats a delicious cut of meat pork – so said my grandpa, and the older I get the more I’ve come to agree with that statement. But the pork we ate on the farm wasn’t like the commodity pork in today’s grocery chain – and I mean nothing like it. I was in the delicatessen business for a number of years and as a result learned a good bit about the various commercial producers and packers. When you buy commercial pork you buy a “Picnic” that has been richly injected with water . . . yes impregnated with water. Well, I’d rather not delve into that whole issue, let me say that at Falster Farm all our meats are juicy, not juiced. Just the way your family wants them.

Pork & Beef Cuts on display Cobb’s Processing is family owned by Manning and Karen Cobb. They treat our tender, pampered animals gently and humanely. Processing is finished by custom hanging for an old world aging of the pork that is hard to find.

Six of our most recent Top Hogs were pre-purchased by Executive Chef Fritz Doss of the prestigious Sheraton Hotel Convention Center in Downtown Dallas. They were processed to his gourmet cut requirements and boxed ready for delivery.

Nancy Gail, our granddaughter Sydney Lane Nichols and I were additionally hired to deliver this order to their loading dock. I had rigged our Dodge 3500 dually with an insulated tonneau cover and lined the bed with 4×8 political campaign signs for insulation! Worked just great!

I was talking on the cell phone with a mini cattle customer as Nancy opened the lid to show the unloading crew the boxes of Falster Gourmet Pork.

One man jumped in and started tossing them up to his crew members.

The pork is frozen solid at the processors and was still in the same condition as the men were unloading the boxes. Quality control is important to us as growers.

We made a comment to the Purchasing Agent that we hoped he enjoyed a sample of our pork and he said he’d probably not even get to taste it! Well, don’t let that happen to you, make sure you get your order in for the next go-round so you don’t miss out.

We hunted down Chef Fritz to personally thank him for his business. This was a first for the hotel- they have not ventured into local, farm raised meats before and we hope it proves to be a successful venture for them…we know as far as tastes go, pastured pork will fit the bill!

Chef Fritz had our mouths watering as he told of his first use for his just delivered pastured, locally produced pork- Honey Lacquered Pork Belly Sliders served on a nest of Jalapeño & Fennel Slaw.

Of course, Chef Nancy is taking it all in and asking questions so she can make her own rendition, I’m looking forward to trying it at home.

We don’t get to Dallas that often so there is usually a bit of shopping to be done before we head for home.

Pigs Ready to Ride

Thanks for your final payment for your pampered, premium, pastured pig.

We are down to the last few days of the 2012 crop of pastured pork. While I’ve really enjoyed raising the pigs as I always do, I’ll have to admit, I’m looking forward to a break in the twice daily routine of watering and feeding them our proprietary diet of whey and dairy ration all while on sunny pasture paddocks. I tell ya, it will seem like a vacation when we are back to just our mama sows, “Rouge” and “ Scarlet” at the feed bowl. The cacophony of sound with 16 185# piggy’s waiting (demanding) to be fed is something you have to experience to believe.

Pork & Beef Cuts on display

But to you our customer and friends, maybe a dedicated pork eater, we learned early, you are continuously on a quest to find the best cuts to bless that most sacred of surfaces . . . the family grill.  Pork is King and as such has a earned a rightful place at backyard gatherings, holidays and a variety of special occasions.  But where do we find the best quality pork nowadays?  Where do we find the cuts that satisfy a dad in search of the perfect rack of ribs, a very busy mom and maybe some discriminating little appetites?

You have purchased that quality from Falster Farm’s “Falling Star Brand” Live Pork. Karl and I believe now is the time to let that best quality pork ride to the butcher shop. You know, we did a lot of research before choosing Cobbs Processing and we believe you will be as pleased (as we are) with this family run processing business. They know they stay in business by keeping customers happy and doing a good job with their desired cuts of meat. They know we are entrusting them with a lot of labor and love that has been poured into each animal that goes through their door and they will honor our efforts and bring them to completion by giving you what you ask for in custom processing.

We have set an appointment for Oct 3 to carry (transport) your pig(s) for processing in our trailer and the pigs will be butchered on the 4th and 5th

After cooling for a few days, Cobbs will begin their custom cut work for each one of our customers and we know you will get one of Falster Farm’s premium pigs, dressed just you want it.

Here is the info for you to call Cobbs Processing: 903-785-7012.

Manning Cobb or his wife Karen will take as much time as you need, answer all your questions as you complete your custom cut sheet with them over the phone.

I KNOW you will enjoy the taste and benefit from the high quality of gourmet “Falling Star Brand” pork.

Karl and I plan on having the sows bred back soon so that, Lord willing, we’ll have pork available for June, 2013.

Again, thank you for the business and your support for local, sustainable small farmers. It’s the best way to buy and eat.

Hot Watermelon Day for the Falster Pigs

Typing this post up makes me hearken back to the time our two daughters (Bonnie & Molly) were called pigs by me, at the supper table. It was a shameful thing to say at the them – but funny to think about now.

Just another day on the Falster Farm – its going on evening now, and time to feed those funny pigs out back there. They are occupying the collection paddock this summer because we have so many of them – 18 gilts and 2 mama’s.

They are on thick common Bermuda grass pasture now that the clover has burned up and been eaten off. They will be on this grass till it’s time to process them. They have all been sold except the mama sows, which we will breed back here shortly to a neighbor’s boar.

They get a rich diet of sunshine, long green chlorophyll laden grass, fresh and fermented raw, unprocessed milk full of calcium and every mineral. As you can see they also get watermelons and vegetables by the bucketful. They just finished up the peas from the truck garden and they loved um too.

Some folks say a pig won’t make it on these fresh vegetables, grass, raw milk and the like; but, I gotta tell you, anyone who has had French Fries cooked in Falster Farm Lard can attest to the outstanding taste and wholesomeness!

Nancy cooking in Lard our Onion Rins and French Fries!
Onions Drying on the little side deck above work bench


Willie ready to help deliver the Watermellon


Falster Prime Pork enjoying Watermellon and vegtables

Y’all come see us. ________________________________________________________________________________