How Can a Small Farmer Help

There have been so many “disasters” its hard for a small outfit like us to be of any real help; but, rather than stand by and be a spectator, we are doing this: frankly I’m posting this so that you will be able to judge whether you want to be a part of what we are doing or not.

To the small town areas hit by Hurricane Harvey, Nancy and I are donating a fresh frozen 950# USDA Prime Quality Beef – giving it to those small local not-for-profit organizations that have been serving their communities for many years and know the local need. Like us they live where the “Rubber Meets the Road”. We know how it is because we lived through the drought years and watched the big organizations raise big money with their concerts – that never met a small farmer, and are still doing the phony chefs for farmers and the like. I hope you are like us, wanting to know the real people in need are helped.

So here is what we are doing and wish to encourage our fellows to do something of the same in principle: 1st off: a Prime Live Steer (Beeve) has been processed and is in the freezer at Mineola Packing in Mineola Texas as I write . . . to be carried to Victoria 10/17/17 – Perpetual Help Home ( This gift is a freshly processed 950# Mini Hereford x Angus cross steer.

KNF PRINCE RUPERT x Full Blood Red Angus Cows “on Pasture 365” days a year!

We have six (6) more Prime quality steers we can process if we had the resources, and that’s what I’d like you to do with this post, ask that you help me with those resources for processing, OR get together with your local farmer to do the same.

Below is the result, but let me show you specifically what  the process looks like:

Note the USDA stamp of approval on the superlative fat casing of this Falling Star Rib Eye Primal.

Still doing it the Old Way – Hand carved with Butcher’s Saw and knife.

End view of a rack of hand cut Falling Star “Bone In Rib Eye” – USDA Prime cut.

I inspect the processing personally on most all of our customers beves because

  1. I want it hand cut – the old way – quality control; and,
  2. I want to make sure the customer gets Falster Farm on Pasture 365™ beef, know what I mean?

I photographed the Tomahawk (Rib Bone In Ribeye) Steak so we could look at the internal marbling and thus the meat’s tenderness grade. We obtain this level of quality because we make every effort to make the means necessary for that animal to reach it’s full genetic potential on peaceful pastures 365 days a year.

The ladies wrap and put our Falling Star Brand label in place.

The cuts are wrapped in butcher paper for this shipment to the coastal Hurricane workers and hapless – the beef will be consumed desperately – at once, so I’m not going to the expense of a vacuum packing each piece, or the premium ground chuck.

I’m there in person at Mineola Packing because I have a passion about wanting to make sure the hired help wrap my beef, not someone else’s. I frequently give a tip for the attention to detail they give my beef. Never any hormones, antibiotics, or grain (all of  which is carcinogenic to the consumer.) The Falster promise is that the quality goes in before the label goes on.

Now the beef will go into their big walk in freezer where it will hold at sub-zero for pick up and delivery to South Texas – I’m hoping the Gilmer Builders Association will deliver it. This has not developed, so I’ll pe packing out Tuesday the 17th for Victoria. Nancy and I are humbled to be able to of help in this small way, but we sure can use some help to make it better.

As you may know, we are a small family farm, to carry the beef and pork will be a serious burden on us. It’s very difficult to leave our fields, flocks and herds — to go down to help with rebuilding or delivering. To do so means one of us will be saddled with all the labor here. That’s why we I’d like to hire a short time helper to make this happen. A couple hundred bucks will cover labor to replace me here for two days so I can make the delivery trip.

Additionally we have six more beves that are ready to butcher. The income from these will carry us through the Winter. We could use a buyer of these next beeves to ship. If you are wanting to participate directly we will link you to an organization that will make the tax-deductible financials work for us both. Please call Nancy at 903.629.3034 or email

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