Lesser Jersey SHOTZIE

Shown here: It’s a 30 lbs. heifer born to SHOTZE the mini Jersey Cow on 25 SEP 2015.Mini Jersey SHOTZIE collage

For Sale $5000 SHOTZIE is a beautiful young proven Mid Size (Lesser Jersey) mama cow born on Falster Farm, 27 JAN 2012. She has been on lush pasturage all her life. 45” tall at the hip, she is milked easily by hand and or machine. Her 1st calf (2014) was a heifer (1445 HEART HEAD) that has passed the selection process and is available as a pasture exposed virgin heifer now. SHOTZIE has given us another heifer calf on the ground (KNF ROSIE) now under our observation of growth and development.

SHOTZIE is the daughter of the KNF BENNETT ORLANDO our former Mini Jersey Herd Sire that sold to certified dairy in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, to down size a dairy herd there, and the beautiful Mini Jersey TRACY KATHRINE. Both parents are registered with the American Miniature Jersey Association of Nebraska.

SHOTZIE with 2015 heifer calf ROSIE
SHOTZIE with 2015 heifer calf ROSIE

The observations of SHOTZIE over her months of development are that she is an upper mid herd member of the dairy herd, ranked #3 in the pecking order in our herd of 7. She is an experienced and excellent mothering cow with good milk and longevity of milking. She strongly prefers to be in the herd and not alone, therefore it is recommended she be purchased with her offspring or added to an existing herd of cattle. She should readily fit in and flourish.


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    • TRAINING: Last season (2014) she was trained to hand milk and to be milked by a Surge Belly Milker. She has not been milked this season due to surgery issues I’ve incurred in my knees and feet. However, like our other dairy COWS, she carries her calf with milk enough for us as well.
      PRICING: We wean calves at 6 months of age. Up to that point she is sold ONLY with her calf at her side – for animal welfare and contentment convictions we have. After weaning the calf is available as a separate. SHOTZIE is available for 5,000 with calf at her side. Normally, at weaning, the calf will add 2,500 to the package; but, this calf is a Mini Hersey rather than a pure bred Mini Jersey, so she will add $750 or, sell as a separate.

  1. I’d like to know more about your Jersey Herd Sire. I’m considering buying straws. I have a herd of five Mid-sized Jerseys to breed this year. I’m interested in his pedigree and registrations, height and age it was taken, polled status, A2 protein, temperament, and dam;s udder.

    Thank you so much for your time!

  2. hi would i be able to see a baby cow i live in Baroda Mi in a trailer park i am number 1 my car is blue i want a baby cow so thats why. by Ava thank you for your time

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