New Year Message from Farmer Falster

Capt. Karl personally delivers whole hog to Paleo Customer.

With another new year on the horizon, I want to express my THANK YOU for your valued purchases, feedback and support. Falster Farm on Pasture 365™ products would not continue as we know it without you, our valued customers. Believe me, Nancy and I are so very grateful for your continued loyalty.

I helped start the Organic gardening movement in this country while in college at the Citadel in 1970, and since the beginning, it’s always been our mission to provide affordable, highest quality, real food to everyone that graces our path. To this day, we are still a small family run business that puts quality first with bend-over-backwards customer service right alongside, and I am honored that you’ve chosen us to play a role in your life, no matter how big or small that role might be.

Throughout this new millennium our desire for “Raising food fit to eat and teaching others how to do the same” has continued to drive the direction of our farming practice. After sixteen years with the same look, and, in the face of the growing lack of marketing integrity of the big grocery stores regarding “grass fed” labeling, we have updated our logo and package design to reflect the true nature and bases of all we do: On Pasture 365™.

As a 70 year old, I wanted to sell Falster Farm to do Blue Water Sailing, but we have cancelled those plans for retirement by selling Falster Farm, preferring to launch my long dreamed of French Cheeze Boutique . . . now moved forward from a dream to planning; but, more on that later.

In 2017 our website is getting a bit of a face lift too; a brand new responsive website redesign that fully incorporates the new Falling Star (Fal star) logo is in the works, we will launch that very soon.

It’s been a privilege to serve all of our customers over the years and we eagerly look forward to working with you in 2017. On behalf of Nancy and I along with the “interns” on Falster, I wish you and your family a happy and healthy Christmas season and a great year ahead!