Dairy – KNF SEF, Daughter of Logan

Dairy - KNF SEF, Daughter of Logan Pedigree PictureFor Sale at $4,000

Her sire was KNF BENNETT ORLANDO, pure bred miniature Jersey Herd Sire born on Falster Farm of Artifical Breeding between a Frozen Semen from a pure breed Miniature Jersey Bull (Bob Honey) and a standard pure bred Jersey certified organic dairy Standard Jersey Cow.

Her Dam was a Hersey cow, cross between mini Hereford KNF GENERAL STAN WATIE and Katy a Standard Jersey cow I purchased from the Promise Land Herd south of San Antonio.

KNF SEF was calved on 160SEP 2012, stands 42″ at the hip, is a super mama cow. She is trained to milk by hand or surge belly machine. A most impressive proven miniature Jersey cow, very femine and easy to get along with. She has a nice firm udder.  She is pastured exposed and can be confirmed pregnant or not.

Contact: Nancy 903.629.3034
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