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Breeding supreme quality cattle is no easy task. Cattle breeding selection and process requires a good bit of experience, doesn’t it. “Falster is experienced in cattle breeding methods and knowledgeable about sire, dam and calf selection, it’s what they do.” We are committed to using the best line bred (PREDICTABLE) genetics, always seeking to improve the next generation – from within not out-crossing.  

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Breeding Strategy


Whether you need artificial insemination (AI) breeding, live cover breeding on Falster Farm, or leasing a high performance herd sire for 60 – 90 days of cattle breeding on your place, Falster Farm has the right stuff to make your cattle breeding desires succeed beyond your highest expectations. We gladly offer our experience in building your dream herd, and service after the process. 

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Artifical Insemination of the PRINCES


Quality Control


Because success in cattle breeding for quality is more of process then just buying a bull at the sell barn, you can rely on our focus on providing the very best. You won’t find anything but the very best in pure bred Falster genetics. Our partners in this process include Champion Genetics of Canton, TX, D’s Diagnostic Services and Clayton Harrington Farm Services. All good folks – reliable.

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Supreme Quality Calf Crop 


We offer a variety of services to help you accomplish your herd development desires. Because we want to match you with the best option, we’ll need information on your project before we can quote a price. By providing us with even a rough idea of your circumstances and your objectives,  we’ll find the perfect fit for your needs. 

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Embryo Transplant (ET) allows the breeder to optimize the genetics of the Supreme Quality cow by implanting into a grade cow, of the ideal phenotype. Give us a call – we can make it happen for you.