Looking for a Pet Mini Cow?

Well, not a house pet, but an absolutely beautiful and charming mini cows. From year to year we have a bull calf or heifer that is not a cut out as a fit for breeding program, but have attributes that any pet owner could want:




  • Great for Petting Zoo
  • Good
  • Temperament Will keep Good small size
  • Good looks
  • Shows better than a goat, sheep or pig
  • No heavy equipment or facilities
  • Unique friendships possible and, Tax Advantages

Herd Sire KNF Cibolo is our usual 1st choice to breed to our Recipient Heifers. The resultant mini pet cows make real nice pets or mini cows for the show ring. Shown above, he is genetically docile, not trained.

If your looking for an Mini Cow for a backyard pet, petting zoo or mini steer to ride let’s talk about our mini bull(s) or mini steer and mini calves like these listed below:

Many of our Miniature Registered Herefords are purchased for pets – mini cattle so small and docile that they safe for children to be around. They have life spans of upwards to 18 years, They can be purchased from us as they become available. We have some now, as our Spring Roundup has given us an idea of the calves and cows we have available. 

Every now and again that meets our Live Cattle profile but doesn’t fit into our herd development program. This calf will usually be the result of breeding for therapeutic reasons, such as, an embryo program. What ever the reason, we disclose the entire story to the buyer. We have a good history of pet mini cows. Read our customersTestimonials.

The mini steers listed on this page don’t measure up to the Falster Farm standard for a Herd Sire prospect so we sell them as pets, lawn ornaments or beef. Finished as you like, these miniature beef cows can make excellent  gourmet beef or real interesting pets.

Please Contact Us to get current data on our animals that fit this program. 

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