Mini Hereford heifer

Disclosure Statement: Current as of August 8, 2018

A Perfect Fit

Our yearling calves are a perfect fit for any farming opportunity, be it a commercially successful venture or a hobby that pays for itself. We raise and sell weanlings and yearlings of Mini Hereford, Red Angus, Old World Dairy, and crosses of those pure bred cows. Let me tell you how:

We want to breed to bulls that often times we can’t afford to own. Or, to a sire back in the line several generations but is now dead. To do this we artificially inseminate frozen semen. Our success rate is about 80%. After the cows are bred they are placed with a “follow-up” bull to breed those that didn’t “take”. Those crosses are wonderful, just not expensive registered pure bred stock.  

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Pet Cow and his Best Friend  growing up together.

Our 2018 class of Miniature Hereford calves (about 20 head) are by and large unique from any other we have had. One of our mini bucking bulls (TINY TWISTER) bred one our finest pure bred Registered Mini Hereford Cows (KNF MISS ENID) and gave us the smallest calf we have ever seen . . . and other interesting animals . . . Call Nancy at (903)629-3034) and let her tell you about some.    

The calves displayed here are but a sampling of the unique and gorgeous mini Herefords and Herseys we have for sale on Falster Farm. 

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There is an issue forestalling the registration of our 2018 Mini Hereford calf crop: Mark Hanna, owner of the “Neal Trask” polled Hereford Bull we leased from him under contract and insured for $5,000 has reneged on registering the animal with the American Hereford Association until a dispute between another individual is settled, therefore, while our mini Hereford calves hold much promise, the registration has not happened, and may not happen. It is a matter of integrity, and frankly, I will not yield or compromise my integrity.  

To see if the calf is registered(able) just look at the name line extension.

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