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Established in Texas – 1998


2020 Supreme Quality Cattle at Affordable Prices

Mini Hereford Cows, Mini Jersey & Mid Size Red Angus Cows & Bulls in Texas — Welcome to Falster Farm! Nancy and I are so excited to be meeting you. We can’t wait to show you all that we have to offer. Since 1998 we have been producing by selecting for balanced, functional traits in our Line Breed excellent Mini and Classic size beef and dairy  cattle. We are one of  America’s premier mini registered Hereford breeders — with customers on five continents and the University of the Philippines. “Falster Farm mid-size registered Red Angus and mini Hereford cattle are suitable for any size property; – can meet your desire for any reason, including Ag Exemption for Property Taxes and a hobby that pays for itself. We believe in their easy fleshing on grass alone, unassisted calving ease, docile nature and extraordinary eye appeal — yes, you’ll admire our Honestly Grass-Fed beef’s delicious nutrient dense qualities.” 

In 2007 we started seeking A2A2 dairy genetics, concluding the 10 year search, we established the Mini Rabbit Eye Jersey and the French Normande on our farm’s nutrient dense A2A2 artisan raw dairy program. As our focus intensified on producing nutrient dense food, we added the Mid-sized Red Angus from what is touted to be one of the finest blood lines in the Red Angus world – no kidding! We offer these supreme quality genetics for your consideration. 

When you come to see us, you’ll see what we mean. 

Mini Hereford

Miniature Hereford Cow Calf pair on Falster Farm on Pasture 365


Tired of the big is better hype of high input breeding stock, our Heirloom mid size Hereford (and mini Hereford cattle) are proven producers of supreme quality beef and show stock.

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classic red Angus

East Texas is a wonderful place to live and develop the genetics perfect for slow grown mid size Registered Angus – our experience is that Red Angus preform better in the heat, and have the best of 

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Old World Dairy

Miniature Jersey Bull and A2A2 Genetics

This French Intern illustrates the docile nature of  our A2A2 dairy cattle – mini Jersey and mid Size French Normande. We have been developing this herd of Heirloom dairy cattle for over a decade now.

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