Pet Mini Cow STUART LITTLE 

Well, perhaps not a house pet, but an absolutely beautiful and charming mini cow, just for your needs. From year to year we have a bull calf or heifer that is not  cut out for our breeding stock program, but have all the attributes that any pet owner could want:

” Grancy, MOO MOO and me are growing up together.”



Nancy Gail Falster and her pet mini cow
Nancy Gail Falster and her Pet Mini Cow



Mini Pet Cow Short Mort
Mini Pet Cow Short Mort
Calved June 1st, 2018. He’s a pistol!

Pet Mini Cow:

Short Mort:

SHORT MORT, is the smallest bull we have ever seen. He should be presented to the Guinness Book of World records.  

He was only 25# at birth and could walk under the Mini Dairy cattle displayed here. 

Many of our Miniature Registered Herefords are purchased for pets – mini cattle so small and docile that they are safe for supervised children to be around. They  can have life spans of upwards to 18 years. They can be purchased from us as they become available. Contact Us now for availability. 

Every year we have male calves that are not selected for breeding stock. Yes we have a stringent selection process, and that’s why our breeding stock is sought after world-wide. These calves are neutered and sold as Pet Mini Cows. The full vita of each Pet cow is available just like the registered stock. These calves are halter broke( walk with halter) and friendly, we consider them excellent for therapeutic  value. 

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If you’re looking for a Pet Mini Cow for a backyard pet, Petting Zoo, or a mini steer to ride, let’s talk about Falster Farm genetics: no order is to to large or too small – you will recieve our fulll attenion and appreciation.

See what our customers are saying about Falster Farm: Testamonials

We have other wonderful mini pet cow candidates, feel free to give us a call. Yes you can get here from there.

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Located mid way between Dallas and Shreveport, some 46 miles North of Tyler, Texas. Private Airport Available.

2112 County Road 4778, Winnsboro, TX 75494


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Gaining Ag Exemption with Mini Cattle is our Stock and Trade – please come see us, share in our small family farm hospitality. 

23 thoughts on “Pet Mini Cows

  1. Crystal Lauve says:

    Do you have any pet mini cows available for sale? We aren’t going to show or breed them. We have a horse farm and would like 1 or 2 mini cows for pets.

  2. Hi. Looking for a mini cow to have as a pet thetas sweet! Not going to breed or anything of that sort just want something cute and small!

  3. Could you send me an email with details on the mini cows that you have. I have 2 little girls and we are looking to get one for them.

  4. My name is kevin I’m 15 and would like 2 to 3 pet mini cows could you hook me up with 2 or 3 that is at a cheap price.

    • I appreciate your inquiry Kevin. I believe you talked to Nancy on the phone. If it was another young man, then forgive me, but this reply is for him as well.

      We have an intern program that works pretty well. You are still in school, i’d guess, so it would be a Summer project for you. I re-wrote this web site and much of the pages that detailed the program have yet to be integrated her. BUT, if you google search for interns on falster farm a good bit of those pages and testimonials will come up. After reviewing, feel free to give a call. We can work some out for you. Again, I appreciate your interest.

  5. Kelly sheeran says:

    I’m interested in obtaining some information on your mini cows. As an autism specialist, I currently have a mini horse and chickens. I’d like to possibly add a mini cow. Can you provide some information on costs and suggested transport?
    I’d appreciate your feedback.

    • Kelly, thank you for the inquiry, we have 2 customers in your class of business, here in Texas and in Chicago area. We will be delighted to work with you and see that the mini cow that you choose will be a excellent match for your therapy program. I can think of no better match than SHORT MORT (pictured above). If not this year then next, we have this quality of a selection process.

    • Well, we have calves available, but we are in Texas and the Highland breed (in our experience) due to its great mass of hair, does not have an easy time of here 9 months out of 12. I love the looks of that breed, having seen them in Switzerland. We had a customer that we provided breeding services for that had them too.

      Good look in your search.

    • We are Life Members of the American Hereford Association, now raising miniature Hereford cattle for two decades. We have a sizable herd of mini Hereford, mini Red Angus, and mini Dairy cattle to choose from.

      We and not hobby farmers. We are a full orbed, organic farm and ranch. We offer the same guarantees that any member in good standing of our association’s by-laws require. But more importantly, your satisfaction is our strongest desire.

      We sell all our animals by Private Treaty. That means that you pick out exactly what you want, look at the data of that mini cows history from conception, get to at least see the parents, if not meet them, and are guaranteed to meet the agreement we make. Most of our females are in the $3,500 range, but we do have non registered that are as low as 1,800. Our bulls have sold as high as 10,000, and as low at 950.00. So, there is something that will meet every serious budget.

    • So many happy children and grand children are a part of the Falster Family of customers. We have mini registered Herefords, mini registered Red Angus, Mini registered Jersey cows available at all times. We also have a few non registered mini cows that you can choose from.

      We welcome a “look see” by appointment by call Nancy at 903-629-3034. Please feel free to call and discuss all your questions.

  6. Tonya Stiltz says:

    We are looking for a Pet mini to join our family. We aren’t looking to breed or show, just a family pet.

    If so, can you send pics and info of the ones you have available, along with a possible day and time we can come out for a visit to see them.

    Thank you

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