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Happy New Year 2020

We live in such beauty, it’s a pity we don’t take the time to relax and enjoy it more often. It’s so fun to watch the stars fade away in the morning as the sky turns to gray and then the palest of peach colors spreading to a very light blue. Everything is frozen: the grass leaves, the water hoses, the metal gates, and my fingers. Fortunately, the water in all the deep water troughs is still liquid so I don’t have to break ice with my pitchfork.
The air has that crinkly crisp feel to it, if you know what I mean and is oh so fresh.
The sky is warming to a lovely pale blue, and as the sun rises it paints the dark trees a golden orange, starting at the tips of the trees’ fingers and slowly working its way to the roots. Then the sun touches the fields, and as you marvel at the transformation from darkness into light, it floods the pastures, sweeping over the cows and forming fingers of shadow that point towards the west.
Fog still hovers in the low spots endeavoring to keep the dales and 


Elizabeth Lanning

Farmer Intern


hollows in its chilly grasp while over the ponds the mist rises joyfully to meet the new day.

The sun seems to take its own sweet time about getting up in the morning doesn’t it, but somehow, as you watch the light wake the world, and listen to the birds welcome the dayspring, you suddenly realize that it’s day, and you barely had time enough to enjoy it all.
What a wonderful way to meet the New Year: with the perfect dawn of a new day! There is such joy and hope in the beginning of things, isn’t there? And when the heat of the day hits us and everything tumbles around our ears, projects don’t go as planned and our hopes get bashed a little bit, remember what Scarlett said, “After all, tomorrow is another day.” I think that as long as God gives us dawn, spring, and new babies, there is always room for hope.

Have a wonderful New Year.

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