I’ve been a Seed Stock producer of small to moderate Frame Score Cattle – for a living – since 1998. Karl E. Falster

PCC Influenced Red Angus & Hereford Bulls

“CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN” – PCC Influenced Red Angus & Hereford Bulls 

Four Questions to Ask – F.A.Q.

When I wrote our 1st Falster Farm web site in 1999, a feature that got the most hits was F.A.Q. This quickly grew to cover a lot of questions and emails. Eventually, Nancy and I started posting to BEST EMAIL OF THE YEAR. Then Google changed their protocols and I had to change our web site, and eventually the F.A.Q. Blog got dropped.

I believe I’ve been asked about every question about cattle rearing and selling that can be asked, literally from the 4 corners of the earth. While I continue to be amazed at the redundancy of some questions, there are four that are; or, should be on the mind of everyone interested in buying Live-stock:

  1. Can I see your cowherd? Read More
  2. What’s your culling program?Read More
  3. Do your cows work for you, or do you work for your cows?Read More
  4. Can I sell the offspring and make a profit? Read More
Professor Cillio Felix of University of the Philippines Manila with Falster’s cow pony FOLGER

The reason these questions are so important is because (from whomever you buy) you are investing in that seedstock producer’s genetics. Your cowherd will eventually resemble the cowherd that your seedstock producer has.

Are his cows the right body size and body type?   Before you buy, you need to know the difference between an easy-fleshing 4-frame cow and a lean, slab-sided 6-frame cow or bull. Most of today’s seedstock producers have 6 and 7-frame cows — “they eat a lot of groceries pard.”   Does he make excuses for his cows and give them a second chance?  Are his cows required to graze year-round with minimum inputs?

Are you just buying a bull? I asked grandpa this question one day. He said he always bought the most expensive bull he could buy because his calves always bring top dollar. Buying a registered bull that comes comes from a cattle cube supplemented line of breeding will be too expensive in the near and long term. His offspring will require as much supplements – or more.

Although most commercial cow-calf producers say they want efficient 1100 to 1200-pound cows that can wean 50% of their own weight without being pampered, supplemented, inoculated, calves pulled etc. —  they continue to buy bulls that were produced by 1400 to 2000-pound cows that must be pampered and supplemented with grain to stay in production.   It’s no wonder they are working so hard just to break even.

“It’s only in kill or be killed combat that is too late to make a clean break.” KE Falster

As a former Scout for 1st Battalion, 1st Marines, I can tell you, we ain’t talking about life or death, we’re just talking about money. If you want to change or improve your outcomes, change and improve your inputs. 

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“Raising Food Fit To Eat, and Teaching Others how To Do The Same.” 

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