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Gaining Ag Exemption with Mini Hereford & Red Angus Beef Cattle is our Stock and Trade – folks on small acreages can enjoy the country life too. Come see us, share in our hospitality. Small Family Farm East Texas since 1998. Ag exempt East TX Cattle.

We’ve Something For Everyone from our Small Family Farm East Texas – even mini cows for kids.

Fun on Falster Farm
Having fun on Falster Farm everyday – real life.

When we say we offer everything under the sun: believe me, we really do! Falster Farm is a small family Farm East Texas, owned and operated by Nancy and Karl in Wood County. Our assured offer to you is quality, service and a competitive price for a broad range of real life organic country food stuffs, breeding services, Mini Cattle and even educational stays and events and oh; I meant to mention consultation on the tax advantages too.

On this small family farm East Texas we host “interns” from across the country and many foreign lands, we are considered experts in everything sustainable agriculture, because we hand build most of what we use here, often to Nancy’s shagrin.

Because of our focus on providing the very best food for ourselves (about 85% of what we eat is grown in our pastures and gardens) and our customers, you won’t find poisoning chemicals anywhere on this place, and about 1/2 of our neighbors are now following our lead toward Wholistic agriculture . . . and healing their land . . . not the world, but what we can do realistically right here, right now.  

We offer a variety of services that can meet the needs of an individual seeking to produce the very best for himself, but the focus of this site is our animal husbandry:

  1. Dine and Discuss  – a premium consultation conducted on Falster Farm followed by a culinary experience that those that have experienced this service still talk about! [READ MORE
  2. Animal evaluation and selection – come to buy and at the same time learn how a Top Hand evaluates cattle both Sire and Dam selection. [READ MORE] 
  3. Live cover – bring your qualifying cows to be bred by our bull(s) of your choice. We will be happy to review the pedigree and offer our opinion on the best bull to meet your objectives.
  4. Certified Frozen Semen – we can supply Export Quality and Certified frozen semen anywhere domestically and offshore.
  5. Herd Sire Lease – carry one of our tested Herd Sires to cover your cattle for 60 -90 days. 
  6. Proven Mama Cows – we have a limited number of foundation cows for sale: Mid size and Mini Red Angus, Mid size and Mini Hereford, Mid Size and Mini Jersey. 
  7.  Proven Herd Sires – all bulls on Falster Farm are fertility tested annually, and again before they leave the property. 

    Falster Farm Mini Heifer for Kids. Best In Show
  8. Heifers and Bull calves – we have them available about all the time.
  9. Mini Cattle for Ag Exemption possibilities on your property!

We are Life Members of the American Hereford Association and the Red Angus Association of America.While we don’t endorse their cattle raising methodology, they are very competent in keeping the integrity of the Stud Book. And, we honor the association’s rules of ownership, sales and breeding records.

Because we want to match you with the best service for the job, we’ll need information on your objectives before we can quote a price. By providing us with a rough idea of what you have and where you want to go, and the level of performance you expect, we’ll find the perfect fit for your needs, or steer you in the direction of where we think you can best be served. Ag exempt East TX Cattle is a means for the small land holder to enjoy raising their our beef or dairy – mini cattle are excellent. Ag exempt East TX Cattle will pay for themselves in Tax savings. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to earn and retain your business. 

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Located mid way between Dallas and Shreveport, some 46 miles North of Tyler, Texas. 

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