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Miniature Hereford

Our stock is the Old Breed of Hereford. We have a strict selection process for the production of quality cows and bulls. The success of our genetics in the show ring in New Zealand and Australia is unparalleled. We have both Polled (hornless) and horned lines. The beef is magnificent. We are breeding for A2A2. View the offerings.

Red Angus

Our stock is classic Line Bred without up-sizing to the current standard size. Measured at the hip they are 1 – 3 frame score or the “classic” size. They are docile, have heavy butter fat for their babies, easy fleshing on grass alone and no birthing problems. Nutrient dense beef that is A2A2 is what we are after. View the offerings.


The breeding stock of our Dairy Cows is to develop a Family Milk Cow that is imaginably small and feminine in stature, with a daily capacity of milk between 1 to 3 gallons cream bearing milk. You will find Registered Mini Jersey and French Normande. A2A2 milk is what we are after – and we have it.  View the offerings

Pet Cows

Pet Cows are for fun and attractive lawn ornaments, and don’t forget to check with your County Taxing authority about Ag Exemption. View the offerings.

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Certified Wholistically Grown™ — Falster — family owned and operated farm of Pure Bred Breeding Stock. Our beef, pork, poultry, eggs, and CSA offerings are of  the finest quality: (never any GMO or SOY, never a poison or chemicals); always free-ranging outside under the sunny Texas skies, on pastures of clover and natural forages 365 days a year, every year. Pork is hand fed raw milk. 

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Located mid way between Dallas and Shreveport, some 46 miles North of Tyler, Texas. 

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