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Mini means the mature height of an animal. A pure breed mini jersey cow is made to breed so that they are proportionally smaller than the full-size jerseys. However, they pass the same DNA breed-based representation purity test to have tiny legs or a large head on a normal-sized torso. Oftentimes, these animals are dwarves that are the carrier of a condrogen that is a genetic defect that actually came from the breeders who outcrossed that purebred jersey with Dexter cattle for reducing the height of the offspring. These are some of the things to consider while identifying a jersey cow:

  • The color range of a jersey cattle is between a light fawn to almost black. If the brindle coloring is seen in Mini Jerseys, it is usually a product of crossbreeding with Dexter Cattle or Aberdeen. It is usually done to reduce the height from a taller Jersey. Some Jerseys might have white on them, from diamond-shaped patches on their foreheads to white patches over their torso. Black Jerseys always have a tan-colored saddle in the middle of their backs that starts from the withers to the tail.
  • Jersey cows are usually soft and feminine looking animals, featuring a similar head shape to Shorthorn cows. Their ears come from high on the sides, and the nose’s bridge has a dish shape.
  • Female Jerseys are docile and affectionate, so they usually bond with whoever feeds and milks them regularly.

Breeds highly recommended 

Mini Jersey 

Mini Normandie

Hersey (Recipients)


The basis of a good Family Milk Cow.

On the Falster Farm we have to have flexibility in all that we do. With commercial dairy cows, that’s hard to do; so, we have selectively bred for that flexibility then all the other good traits you’d want in a dairy cow.    

“A family milk cow can truly be a profitable investment when handled properly and when taken full advantage of what she has to offer, this becomes a win, win situation for the cow and her owners.”

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“Miniature Jerseys are a very special breed, the smallest of those from the channel Islands between UK and France.  They have  a remarkable ability to adapt to extreme climates.”

Mini Jerseys

“We fell in love with the nutrient dense dairy found in A2A2 milk. We are seeking to down size  the French Normandie to family size. These cows are French cheese.”

Normandie A2A2

“In our breeding process we do a bunch of artificial breeding, part of which is embryo transplant of high priced  genetics. Here are surrogate  mama’s .” 


Our mini jersey cows are tested and proven not to be the carriers of dwarfism genes. These are some of the variety of our miniature jersey cows:

  • Mid Size French Normandie BONNIE BRIE
    She is the offspring of the original A2A2 cow PIPER, which is an ½ Gurnsey and ½ Normande. It was first born on 1st of October, 2013, from an A2A2 Normandie sire HONOR ABLE. Thanks to its medium size, it became convenient to breed and easy to be milked by machine or hand.
  • Mini Size French Normande A2A2
    This is an A2A2 French Normande Embryo Transplant (ET) cow. Born on 12th September 2017, this variety is an embryo carried by the recip cattle called SHOTZIE. The medium size of this variety is clear proof that the size and quality of the recip cow will significantly influence the phenotype of the offspring. She also gave birth to a super attractive and healthy bull calf. At the moment, she has not been given training in milk.

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