2020 Herd

Red Angus

Moderate Framed  

We don’t raise perfect cattle, but we may have the perfect nutrient dense beef cow(s) for you. We offer registered Red Angus moderate frame size, expertly Line Bred to have predictable genetics that together, we can analyse and make sure they are for you.  ♥

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Small Red Angus Herd – SOLD 1-14-20 |Registered Red Angus Females |Pharo influenced Seed Stock

A very easy handling small herd of (19) 3-6 year registered Red Angus cows; AI and pasture exposed; (4) have calves at their side. They’re Registered Red Angus mama cows – line bred seed stock selling at commercial pricing. Except for the 4 with calves at their side these mama cows are bred back. The Calves – three of the calves are heifer calves while 1 is a bull calf less than 30 days old.

Falster Farm is your one stop shop when looking for moderate frame Red Angus genetics – we offer Red Angus females for sale by private treaty throughout the year —  this is a special package. 

Our Red Angus females must contribute to the genetic merit of the herd. Our breeding program strives to create ultra feminine cows with moderate frames that are easy keepers. Our cows need to be able to stay in condition on  pasture alone and winter over carrying a calf with supplemental grass hay. All of our Red Angus cattle at Falster Farm are bred for  calving ease, high maternal traits, docility, and exceptional pasture efficiency, marbling, tenderness.

These are Line Bred genetics of the Pharo (PCC) Cattle Co . . . however, ours are Certified Natural Grown on grass and hay alone – no grain, cubes, hormones, or poisons – at all, they don’t need it, they are genetically fly resistant, and easy fleshing on grass alone. Branded with the Omega 3 brand and the Falling Star brand. We would like to sell the herd together: $29,700 firm. That’s 19 bred Red Angus cows due February ’20 except the 4 that are pairs (with just- dropped calves.)

When you email or text your inquiry, please state your name and location. Delivery is available, free of charge within 25 miles of Winnsboro, Texas; longer distance on a case by case basis. Hope this new year of 2020 sees the fulfillment of your best efforts.



Red Angus Bulls

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Available red angus bulls

We guarantee our bulls breeding capacity 

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PCC OH CASH CROP – One of the Background Sires in our Line Breeding program.  

Red Angus Calves

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We offer a variety of services to help you

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Trio of Falster Farm Red Angus calves in deep pasturage’s. Docile, Low to the Ground, Heavy Prime Flesh – Grass Fed – On Pasture 365™

Red Angus Heifers

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We have this years Crop of fine 1- 3 Frame

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Red Angus Heifer E-6
Ra – E6 American Angus Assoc. #3895505, Calved 5 AUG 17 @40 lbs. to PCC KAYCEE-HOBO 4004S X RA-A6. She is fly resistant, A2A2, heavy fleshed, udder indicates a high butter fat charter.

Red Angus Cows

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Whereas we stand behind every cow we sell, experience says the the savvy buyer wants a proven producer. Falster Farm can supply that. You can select from our Crop of very fine 1- 3 Frame

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Put the industry’s most-favored female to work for you! Red Angus females are in high demand from commercial producers far and wide. Their longevity, fertility, adaptability and efficiency, coupled with their good disposition, make them the ideal beef cow for today smaller acreage.

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