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Sumo Seisakushu C221 Wagyu Sire

Wagu x Red Angus

Photos above depict results of our foraged based Red Angus cows bred AI to a Red Wagu bull of some renown. Our project is to develop a Cross that meets both the Super Premium market (Wagu) and the Premium market (Certified Angus) for color and beef tenderness. There are serious enhancements made to the Wagu, allowing for a grass-fed and grass-finished beef program.  

On 13 SEP 2018 we bred 5 superior Red Angus females (forage based, 4 and 5 Frame Score) to the red Wagu bull Sumo Seisakushu C221 (5 Frame Score.) Three of these AI’s took and we got 1 bull and 2 heifer calves, each born on 20 Jun 2019.

Above is the Wagu Sire, and the collage shows the Dam’s and their get. The birthing process was with no assistance. The cows received no grain supplements what so ever.  All 3 calves are identical: vigorous, happy to be together. We like this combination. It appears this breeding has taken a bit of the leg length out of the calf while adding more flesh on the rear.

This is our Wagu x Red Angus Cross — we will do it again.

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