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Reviews – Falster Farm On Pasture 365

Nancy Falster on the back of KNF CIBOLO, with husband Karl shows how docile are the Falster genetics.



Over the years we have received many Reviews – Falster Farm On Pasture 365. 

Click on the image to Jump to the 1st Feature Article that was written about our venture into the world of bovine animal husbandry of Miniature Cattle.

I didn’t know it at the time but “Ag Exemption” would drive or sales handsomely.

We don’t raise perfect cattle, but we may have the perfect nutrient dense beef cow(s) for you. Be they heirloom Mini Red Angus or Classic, they are expertly Line Bred to have predictable genetics that together, we can analyse and make sure they are for you.  ♥

Welcome to Falster Farm and a view of our A2A2 milk cows for sale! We are so excited to be meeting you. We can’t wait to show you all that we have to offer. Since 1998 Karl and Nancy Falster have been producing excellent Mini and Classic size Hereford cattle and over the years they have expanded and improved on those genetics.

In 2003, Karl learned about how Goat’s milk could help offset the pain with his Service Connected Disability from Agent Orange toxification from Viet Nam. Research and hundreds of phone calls lead him (some 10 years later) to the discovery of A2A2 milk cows.

So, in 2013 he purchased his first A2A2 cow, the aged Normande A2A2 cow: PIPERS

PRINCESS. She and her subsequent calf launched the breedings of the A2A2 French Normande and A2A2 Jersey breeds found on Falster Farm today. In 2015 it occurred to him that if the A2A2 Milk Cow was superior in milk production, surly the A2A2 Beef cows would be the same on the beef side.

With Nancy’s help on the phone and emails, they made contact with a hobbyist in the Austin area with the same ideations. An informal partnership developed into finding some old lines of Heritage Hereford and Red Angus with the A2A2 β-casein proteins. Falster leased A2A2 bulls, bought imported French frozen semen and Providentially found the Line Bred Red Angus A2A2 cows he so eagerly sought. 


A2A2 Milk Cows For Sale

A2A2 Milk Cows Genetics in this Miniature Jersey Bull            This French Intern illustrates the docile nature of  our A2A2 dairy cattle.

Mid Size Cross DIANNA

Our youngest A2A2 Milk cows are the Spring heifers and bulls. Here we see a cross we made of a Pure Bred Jersey with our imported French Normande A2A2 frozen Semen.  She is for sale as a virgin heifer – $3,500.


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A2A2 Milk Cow heifer DIANNE
              A2A2 Milk Cow heifer DIANNE


12/8/17 Spring Heifer of a JERSEY GIRLS raw milk dairy “ANNA 430” x A2A2 French Normande “CAMEMBERT”. She is probably A2A2.
3/9/18 Mother died, put on supplements – she is strong on grass, and nursing free choice in the Red Angus herd; Shotzie & Puffy. 


     Mid Size French Normande A2A2                               For Sale     $6,000 each

A2A2 French Normande Embryo Transplants (ET) Bulls and Heifers.

Calves were born 12 SEP 17 from embryos carried by recip cows SEF and SHOTZIE. Their Mid Size is proof that the quality and size of the recip cow will have a major influence on the offspring. 


Pure Bred Mini Jersey KNF PUFFY BLOWFISH

Miniature Jersey Cows just don’t get any more feminine looking that our little PUFFY BLOWFISH. She qualifies for the American Miniature Jersey Record Book. However, she is not A2A2. 

She is a 1st time mama bred back to the French Normande herd sire HYLASIS, a rare mid sized A2A2 French Bull. Very feminine, halter broke, trained to milk by hand and Surge Milker.  Our “Current Notes”: 

7/27/18 Saw her bulling in the morning, around 17:00 I got time to give her a straw of  HYLASIS. Inside, she was very firm and wet, straw went right home.
4/27/18 I have been milking her twice a day followed up by nursing DIANNA. She has responded well to milk training and staking out on the roadside.
4/21/18 Gave her 4ml of Long Range & Multi Min.


Mid Size A2A2 Yearling Bull – ROSCO

9 AUG 2018 – Texas A&M testing reports Homozygous A2A2
30 JUL 18 – 42″ Hip Height, Excellent Scrotum size and displacement.
31 AUG 2017 – Calved no assistance, small head circumference, good vigor. Son of Jersey Girl Jersey Cow. Been in the Near South Pasture since birth. Very friendly.
FOR SALE – $4,000.



Mid Size A2A2 milk cows for sale –


We hope you can see that we have a good selection of  A2A2 Cows for Sale.

Please free to call Nancy 903.629.3034 and set an appointment to come see them, and allow us to extend our Southern Hospitality.

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Located mid way between Dallas and Shreveport, some 46 miles North of Tyler, Texas. 

2112 County Road 4778, Winnsboro, TX 75494


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Gaining Ag Exemption with Mini A2A2 Milk Cows is our Stock and Trade – please come see us, share in our hospitality. Small Family Farm East Texas.

Enhancing the Executive Experience as you “disconnect to reconnect”.

As more and more people in general are discovering the need to get off the Merry-Go-Round of life in its busyness, there is also an awakening to the need to connect with “old-timey” activity like digging up potatoes, watching the cows chew their cud, searching stars and night objects after sunset – listening to a owls hoot and the rooster crow.

BUT where do you go to experience these in real life? On a real farm stay Texas, that’s where!

And who needs an escape more than busy executives in today’s fast paced market?

Falling Star Farm Stay Texas is the place for leaders to get out of their suits, pull on a pair of boots, cowboy hat, breathe deep, slow down and reconnect with a smile.

Instead of high tech games, zip-lines, golf rounds, spa dates and catered meals the owners of Falling Star offer Executives a change of pace. Help feed the chickens, pigs and ducks, gather fresh eggs and milk the cows. In these real life activities, you will find your thoughts unwind, creativity flow and blood pressures drop.

Join with your team in gathering wood for building a fire in our Earth Oven to make your own bread, share cooking meals with food grown right on the farm and enjoying sleep without artificial lights glaring in from windows.

Rest in a place where doors do not have to be locked and stars are the last lights you see before bed . . . that’s a Farm Stay Texas get-a-way.

After leaving the corporate world behind, your hosts of Falling Star have 18 years of experience testifying to the therapeutic value this type of respite offers in the seasonal activities that are the ultimate in true team building and a world of fun, too. Whether you want to pick your own veggies, head out on a nature walk, make cheese or enjoy a toasty fire before bed, I can help you custom build a unique, life-changing experience for your team at Falling Star Farm Stay.

Rustic, plush cabins are built for two individuals with private baths in each. There are no TV’s in the rooms and no Wi-Fi; after all, the goal is to disconnect to reconnect.

There will be farm fresh meals 3 times a day with artisanal snacks and drinks.

Activities are planned with weather in mind and there will be plenty of time for business meetings and even some optional outings that can be added.

Contact Nancy Falster 903-629-3034 to book for the upcoming year.

Farm Stay Texas!


      Pet Mini Cow STUART LITTLE 

Well, perhaps not a house pet, but an absolutely beautiful and charming mini cow, just for your needs. From year to year we have a bull calf or heifer that is not  cut out for our breeding stock program, but have all the attributes that any pet owner could want:

” Grancy, MOO MOO and me are growing up together.”



Nancy Gail Falster and her pet mini cow
Nancy Gail Falster and her Pet Mini Cow



Mini Pet Cow Short Mort
Mini Pet Cow Short Mort
Calved June 1st, 2018. He’s a pistol!

Pet Mini Cow:

Short Mort:

SHORT MORT, is the smallest bull we have ever seen. He should be presented to the Guinness Book of World records.  

He was only 25# at birth and could walk under the Mini Dairy cattle displayed here. 

Many of our Miniature Registered Herefords are purchased for pets – mini cattle so small and docile that they are safe for supervised children to be around. They  can have life spans of upwards to 18 years. They can be purchased from us as they become available. Contact Us now for availability. 

Every year we have male calves that are not selected for breeding stock. Yes we have a stringent selection process, and that’s why our breeding stock is sought after world-wide. These calves are neutered and sold as Pet Mini Cows. The full vita of each Pet cow is available just like the registered stock. These calves are halter broke( walk with halter) and friendly, we consider them excellent for therapeutic  value. 

Don’t make yourself a stranger:

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If you’re looking for a Pet Mini Cow for a backyard pet, Petting Zoo, or a mini steer to ride, let’s talk about Falster Farm genetics: no order is to to large or too small – you will recieve our fulll attenion and appreciation.

See what our customers are saying about Falster Farm: Testamonials

We have other wonderful mini pet cow candidates, feel free to give us a call. Yes you can get here from there.

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Located mid way between Dallas and Shreveport, some 46 miles North of Tyler, Texas. Private Airport Available.

2112 County Road 4778, Winnsboro, TX 75494


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Gaining Ag Exemption with Mini Cattle is our Stock and Trade – please come see us, share in our small family farm hospitality.