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Reviews – Falster Farm On Pasture 365

Nancy Falster on the back of KNF CIBOLO, with husband Karl shows how docile are the Falster genetics.



Over the years we have received many Reviews – Falster Farm On Pasture 365. 

Click on the image to Jump to the 1st Feature Article that was written about our venture into the world of bovine animal husbandry of Miniature Cattle.

I didn’t know it at the time but “Ag Exemption” would drive or sales handsomely.

We don’t raise perfect cattle, but we may have the perfect nutrient dense beef cow(s) for you. Be they heirloom Mini Red Angus or Classic, they are expertly Line Bred to have predictable genetics that together, we can analyse and make sure they are for you.  ♥

Mini Hereford heifer

Mini cows for kids: Current as of August 8, 2018

A Perfect Fit

Our yearling calves are a perfect fit for any farming opportunity, be it a commercially successful venture or a hobby that pays for itself. Mini cows for kids? We raise and sell weanlings and yearlings of Mini Hereford, Red Angus, Old World Dairy, and crosses of those pure bred cows. Let me tell you how:

We want to breed to bulls that often times we can’t afford to own. Or, to a sire back in the line several generations but is now dead. To do this we artificially inseminate frozen semen. Our success rate is about 80%. After the cows are bred they are placed with a “follow-up” bull to breed those that didn’t “take”. Those crosses are wonderful, just not expensive registered pure bred stock.  

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Pet Cow and his Best Friend  growing up together.

Our 2018 class of Miniature Cattle calves (about 20 head) are by and large unique from any other we have had. One of our mini bucking bulls (TINY TWISTER) bred one our finest pure bred Registered Mini Hereford Cows (KNF MISS ENID) and gave us the smallest calf we have ever seen . . . and other interesting animals . . . Call Nancy at (903)629-3034) and let her tell you about some.    

The calves displayed here are but a sampling of the unique and gorgeous mini Herefords, Jersey and Herseys we have for sale on Falster Farm. 

Mini cows for kids:


Mini Hereford Heifer
Texas Beef Expo Winner – daughter of KNF PRINCE RUPERT

Here’s another one, this makes 3 years of success! Karl we really appreciate all the personal attention you have given our family. 

M Wallace – Oklahoma

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Located mid way between Dallas and Shreveport, some 46 miles North of Tyler, Texas. 

2112 County Road 4778, Winnsboro, TX 75494


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Gaining Ag Exemption with Mini Hereford Cattle is our Stock and Trade – please come see us, share in our hospitality. Small Family Farm East Texas

                    Current as of 8/8/2018 – yet, a few spaces still being listed. 

Falster Farm does not sell cull cows, we have some, but those sell as steers, delicious Honestly Grass-fed Beef™. Our time honored method is Private Treaty sales, which means we have evaluated these animals and offer them for sale based on our considered value. There are however, package prices, and other’s offers considered as a part of the evaluation process. Please don’t hesitate to make an offer. AND, with us, no order is too large or too small. Each customer receives our undivided attention and respect for their wants.

Miniature Hereford Bulls:

KNF SWISS LANCE 1703 AHA #43845570

Calved April 17, 2017, to KNF MISS ENID, this youngster is owned by a Swiss couple as an investment. He is a gem, standing 36″ tall at the hip as a yearling: weighing 370#.  

Photo at right depicts the high value of his tenderness, with lines all the way back into his barrel. 

Mini Hereford Bull in East Texas

For Sale $5,500

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Mini Bull SWISS LANCE lines


Calved September 12, 2017 (an Embryo Transplant) to the Original TEXAS LILLY and the original MB MARTIN LUTHER, literally here is the “chip off the old block” of Hereford Perfection. Standing 37″ tall at the hip as a yearling: weighing 380#.  Excellent top and bottom line, with a rear end hard to match in the Hereford world. 


For Sale $5,500

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Powerfully muscled on grass alone, the top photo displays his yearling and the bottom mid 2018 photos. Calved 2/1/2010, unassisted, he is an Embryo Transplant held back from an order that went to Belgium in that same year. 

Disposition is good, very approachable, very well balanced in front and back very wide and sturdy.  Measures 49″ at the hip. His average offspring is in the 40# range, KNF JUMPING JACK FLASH being 30#. He has a number of heifers sold for $5,000 and bull calves at $5,500. 

For Sale – $3,500, or Live Cover @ $250 per head 


Jack is a true son of PRINCE RUPERT, calved on April 20, 2016. He has seen service covering 5 cows on lease Spring of 2018. He is 38″ tall at the hip and should top out as his sire: well balanced and about 1100#. Very approachable, high show quality. Dam is KNF CHINA DOLL 1863, a line we have had for 18 years. 

For Sale – $5,000, or Live Cover @$250 per head.

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Sold to Long View, Texas


Calved July 7, 2016, current on lease to Texarkana on 9 cows. He is a near twin of JUMPING JACK. Dam is KNF 4JFLYER a line we have had for 18 years.  Many of his relatives populate No. Florida through purchases from two farms. They are wonderfully built, long lived, easy fleshing and docile.  

For Sale  $5,000, or Live Cover @$250 per head.

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SOLD to Mike in Texarkana

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Located mid way between Dallas and Shreveport, some 46 miles North of Tyler, Texas. 

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