Enhancing the Executive Experience as you “disconnect to reconnect”.

As more and more people in general are discovering the need to get off the Merry-Go-Round of life in its busyness, there is also an awakening to the need to connect with “old-timey” activity like digging up potatoes, watching the cows chew their cud, searching stars and night objects after sunset – listening to a owls hoot and the rooster crow.

BUT where do you go to experience these in real life? On a real farm stay Texas, that’s where!

And who needs an escape more than busy executives in today’s fast paced market?

Falling Star Farm Stay Texas is the place for leaders to get out of their suits, pull on a pair of boots, cowboy hat, breathe deep, slow down and reconnect with a smile.

Instead of high tech games, zip-lines, golf rounds, spa dates and catered meals the owners of Falling Star offer Executives a change of pace. Help feed the chickens, pigs and ducks, gather fresh eggs and milk the cows. In these real life activities, you will find your thoughts unwind, creativity flow and blood pressures drop.

Join with your team in gathering wood for building a fire in our Earth Oven to make your own bread, share cooking meals with food grown right on the farm and enjoying sleep without artificial lights glaring in from windows.

Rest in a place where doors do not have to be locked and stars are the last lights you see before bed . . . that’s a Farm Stay Texas get-a-way.

After leaving the corporate world behind, your hosts of Falling Star have 18 years of experience testifying to the therapeutic value this type of respite offers in the seasonal activities that are the ultimate in true team building and a world of fun, too. Whether you want to pick your own veggies, head out on a nature walk, make cheese or enjoy a toasty fire before bed, I can help you custom build a unique, life-changing experience for your team at Falling Star Farm Stay.

Rustic, plush cabins are built for two individuals with private baths in each. There are no TV’s in the rooms and no Wi-Fi; after all, the goal is to disconnect to reconnect.

There will be farm fresh meals 3 times a day with artisanal snacks and drinks.

Activities are planned with weather in mind and there will be plenty of time for business meetings and even some optional outings that can be added.

Contact Nancy Falster 903-629-3034 to book for the upcoming year.

Farm Stay Texas!