Border Collies East Texas

We’ve Some Outstanding Registered Border Collie Puppy’s For Everyone


 Beretta on a horse back

Registered cattle working Border Collies East Texas, bred reared and trained.

 For 11 years now WILLIE has been the unsung hero of  Falster Farm on Pasture 365™ making the production of our Certified naturally Grown beef, pork anbd poultry a low stress reality.

Frankly, when my knees and feet began to pain me to much to set a saddle, I search far and wide; and WILLIE found me in Portland, Tennessee. He was a started herd dog – but on calves – not mama cows nor bulls.

In all animal husbandry, one animal must gain dominance over another in order to “make it happen” for them and the organization. Knowing this and experiencing this are seldom equal tasks . . . academic vs. application.  It was a stiff learning curve for the both of us; especially me, being a horseman rather than a herd dog handler.

But the genetic composition of this line of Border Collies shown through, and we learned together with the aid of some follow up consultation of the breeder and a DVD on the Border Collie, rearing and training. Contact me and I share the source.

When you come for a Dine and Discuss we often show WILLIE herding Cattle, Duck, Sheep or what ever is available.

 I started these comments June 22, 2019 and will continue as the weekend goes on, but for now, I’ve a Hog and Ram to take to the Abattoir in Sulfur Springs. Please bear with me. 

Please call Nancy or Karl 902-629-3034 

Females Available

Beretta on Right Side
Barrett Left Side
Dot – Right Side
Dot – Left Side
Tri-Color Female Border Collie
Tri-Color Face On

Willie the Sire

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We’re offering these registered Female Border Collie puppies @ $350 each. Give us a call to come pick out the one that suits your desires.

Ranch: 903.629.3034 or Text: 210.737.4527