HOW TO ORDER mini bull semen:


{You can pick up the phone and call us at anytime}

  1. There is no minimum order. Please consult your AI PRACTITIONER for his recommendations on the number of straws to order per cow. Most recommend 2 per cow. You may order one straw or up to the inventory total of any of our bull(s) – as you wish. You may pick-up or ship by UPS. Read More
  2. Once funds are in our account, we email you a copy of my “release” of  your order to our storage facility: Champion Genetics, be it domestic or offshore. BTW all prices listed are for domestic customers and US territories. Off Shore customers should email us for Export protocols and certification pricing. 
  3. In this “release” I send, you will get the Toll Free number of our storage facility to arrange for shipping or pick up. We can give you a shipping quote if you call Champion and ask. Shipping is direct from our storage facilities in Canton, Texas to your doorstep.
  4. It’s that simple. As  our customers will attest, we bend over backwards to make our semen sales work smoothly and on time. Personal Service and free consultation really separate us from others.

Shown at left is our mini Hereford and the Charolais cow – receiving frozen semen: one to produce a 4-H show calf, the other to downsize for a more efficient beef cow.  

PRICE PER STRAW OF SEMEN: is listed by Herd Sire in US dollars. We offer bulk pricing points to offset shipping charges. While we accept most foreign currency with no fees, special requirements exist. Established by your government and the USDA/State Department, there are variable health tests and importation requirements that must researched be met.

SEMEN QUALITY: The bulk of our frozen semen is Health and Export Certified Quality whether going on or off shore. This is your assurance of supreme quality. For Off Shore sales, there are additional charges  for bureaucratic regulatory fees and taxes. 

SIRE CERTIFICATE: To request, Contact Us by email.— $125.00 ea. ships from Falster Farm. Please include the Name of the Sire, the Name of the Dam, for each certificate ordered. Your Association Member Number.

Frozen Semen shipping is directly to your door by UPS or FedEx in loaner vapor shippers. A call back label is issued with each tank and the shipping tanks are picked up by the carrier at your door within two or three days. FALSTER tries to provide the most cost effective shipping service in the Cattle industry:
FREE round-trip shipping of 20 straws or more (yes, mix or match.) Combine your order with a neighbor and save.

Shipping costs for all orders under 20 straws are paid by the purchaser. The cost of UPS ground shipment of semen to you including the automatic pickup and return of our shipping tank ranges from $59 to $105 and takes between two and five days depending on your location relative to our storage facility in Canton, Texas. Yes, you may pick up the container and return it in person.

The mission of Falster Farm on Pasture 365™ Ranch is to acquaint both the student and practitioner with the process of getting started, adding to, or converting into the Miniature (Low Line) Cattle Business or Hobby with a profit perspective in mind. Our mini bull semen can and is used in any size cow to downsize. We certainly don’t have all the answers about mini bull semen but we promise to provide support to any seeking information. Contact Us today.


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