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Certified Naturally Grown

Animal husbandry on Falster Farm incorporates ideas that have been in our family background for many years . . . only when desperate, or mandated by government, do we go to the Vet. Following are some good ideas, that have been a help. It’s important to understand that what works for us may not work for you. Our’s is a grazing, low input sustainable farming practice, thus we qualify for the Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) designation. “CNG is the Grassroots Alternative to Certified Organic”, is a US-based farm assurance program certifying produce, livestock and apiaries for organic producers who sell locally and directly to their customers.

After Birth Flush

Ft. Dodge – Tetracycline HCL soluble powder made by American Cyanamid. Used in the drinking water for the treatment of respiratory and enteric infections. One 6.4 oz. packet will make up to 100 gallons of medicated drinking water.

I found this solution to be a cost effective way to clean the uterus of just calved  cattle or any cow that has been uterus compromised at any time. Simply warm up some filtered water (1/2 gal) to about 100 – 115 F. –  mix in this packet and  load it into any fluid feeder that has a hose (I use a calf drench tube w/hose.) In sert the hose at a 30 degree to avoid the urinary track and then level it out. Infuse into the uterus and let it flush and wash out all the folds and wrinkles, it’s better than any bolus.

Hoof Rot


When I bought this place in 2005, the soil was pretty much deplete of organic matter as it had been a leased “stocker cow” property and the leasee had systematically dosed the cattle with  dewormers, fly tags, and antibiotics. In short, there wasn’t a whole lot of microbes and aerobic characteristics in the soil.
Hoof rot was a new condition for me to treat. I made copious notes as to how the veterinarian treated this condition finding the expense associated with it demanded that I find a home remedy. I consulted with an older veterinarian who informed me that most cases of hoof rot will remedy themselves in a few days, albeit, the cow must be in considerable pain and displays that in her limping. So, I’d floss between the claws with vinegar water soaked gauze, (a 50% solution), when dried I packed open wound with a “sulfa paste” that I dreamed-up of sulfur powder mixed in YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS’ Animal Scents. I then wrap this wound up with an Elastic Bandage, and keep her in a dry lot for observation until she walks the bandage off.

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Horns – Predator 

One of the reasons why I like and rely on my Horned Cows is the presence of large cats and wild dogs that have been systematically roaming this part of East Texas — uncontested. we have a mountain lion in the area about every five years and I have never lost horned cattle to it. In fact, I have found long scratch marks down the back of one of my mama cows and fur on her horns. I know it was a mountain lion as I found its tracks and soft mud from the rain; they were nearly 6 inches  in diameter. We also have smaller cats and wild dogs.

This is one of two bobcats that were trying to  kill some babies being born. One needs to be careful with background shooting in a herd, so I genuinely prefer having the cows police the problems themselves: and you just can’t beat out well armed cows.

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